Nagomu Irino

Original Name (Japanese): 納野 和
Romaji Name: Irino Nagomu
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Deaimon
Age: 30
Weight: N/A
Height: Above average
Date of Birth: December 15
Blood Type: N/A


Nagomu Irino is described as a kind-hearted and easy-going individual. Despite a failed music career in Tokyo, he returns to his hometown to take over the family wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) shop. Nagomu is patient and caring, often helping his young neighbor Itsuka with tasks around the shop. He is also shown to be indecisive at times, struggling to make decisions about his future.


Nagomu is the son of Heigo Irino and Fuki Irino, who run a traditional wagashi shop in their hometown. After trying and failing to pursue a music career in Tokyo, Nagomu returns home to help out in the family business. He has a close relationship with Itsuka, a young girl who lives next door and sees him as a father figure.

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Nagomu has dark blue/gray hair and often wears white chef’s clothing associated with his work at the wagashi shop. He is described as above average height.


Nagomu is skilled in the art of making traditional Japanese sweets, having learned the craft from his family. He is able to create intricate and delicious wagashi, demonstrating his talent and passion for the family business.


Nagomu Irino is a central character in the Deaimon anime and manga series. He serves as the protagonist as the story follows his return to his hometown and his interactions with Itsuka and the other residents of the community.

Nagomu Irino – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nagomu Irino from “Deaimon”:

Who is Nagomu Irino?

Nagomu Irino is the protagonist of the anime series “Deaimon”. He is a young man who returns to his hometown after several years away to take over his family’s traditional Japanese confectionery shop, Café Lamp. Despite his initial reluctance, Nagomu grows into his role and develops close relationships with the shop’s employees and the local community.

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What is Nagomu’s background?

Nagomu grew up helping in his family’s confectionery shop, Café Lamp, but left his hometown several years ago to pursue his own interests and career in the city. After his father falls ill, Nagomu returns home to take over the shop, even though he has little experience in the traditional confectionery business.

How does Nagomu’s relationship with Itsuka develop?

Itsuka is a young girl who lives next door to Café Lamp and for whom Nagomu eventually becomes a sort of surrogate parent. At first, Nagomu is hesitant to take on this responsibility, but he grows to care deeply for Itsuka and the two develop a close, tender bond over the course of the series.

What is Nagomu’s role in Café Lamp?

As the new owner of Café Lamp, Nagomu is responsible for running the family confectionery business. This includes learning the traditional techniques and recipes, managing the staff, and interacting with the local community that relies on the shop. Nagomu struggles with these responsibilities at first, but grows into his new role.

How does Nagomu’s personality change throughout the series?

At the beginning of “Deaimon,” Nagomu is rather aloof and uninterested in taking over the family business. However, as he spends more time at Café Lamp and gets to know the employees and residents, Nagomu becomes more invested in the shop and the community. He becomes more responsible, hardworking, and caring as the series progresses.

What is the significance of traditional Japanese confectionery in “Deaimon”?

Traditional Japanese sweets, or wagashi, play a central role in Deaimon. Café Lamp specializes in these delicate, intricately crafted sweets, and Nagomu must learn the intricate techniques to make them properly. The wagashi represent the rich cultural heritage that Nagomu comes to appreciate and preserve through his work in the family shop.