Original Name デシム
Romaji Name Desimu
Nicknames Decim the Bartender
Series Death Parade
Age Unknown (Appears as an adult)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

== Decim (Death Billiards) ==
Decim is a fictional character from the anime series “Death Billiards” and its spin-off series “Death Parade”. He serves as the main protagonist and is a central figure in the Judgment of the Dead. This article provides an overview of Decim’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.
=== Personality ===
Decim is portrayed as a stoic and composed individual who always maintains a serious demeanor. As the bartender of Quindecim, a mysterious bar in the afterlife, he acts as an arbiter for the souls who arrive there. Despite his seemingly detached nature, Decim possesses a sense of curiosity and a desire to understand human emotions and the complexities of the human condition. Throughout the series, he struggles with the conflict between his duty as an Arbiter and his growing empathy for the souls he judges.
=== Background ===
Decim’s exact background is not explicitly revealed in the series. However, it is implied that he has been an Arbiter for at least five years. In later episodes, it is revealed that he is a test subject of Nona, Quindecim’s supervisor. Nona has imbued Decim with human emotions that are beginning to affect his judgment, raising questions about the fairness of the adjudication system.
=== Appearance ===
Decim is depicted as a tall and slender young man with pale skin and striking blue eyes. He has short white hair that is neatly styled. He is often seen wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, along with a pair of black gloves. Decim’s appearance exudes an air of elegance and professionalism befitting his role as an Arbiter.
=== Skills ===.
As an Arbiter, Decim possesses unique abilities that allow him to judge the souls that come to Quindecim. He has the power to recreate the memories of the deceased and place them in various challenging situations and games. Through these games, Decim aims to uncover the true nature of the souls and determine their ultimate fate. In addition, his role as a bartender allows him to observe and interact with the souls, gaining insight into their characters and motivations.
=== Origin ===
Decim’s origin as a referee is closely tied to the world of Death Billiards and Death Parade. In this universe, souls that have died simultaneously are sent to Quindecim to be judged. Decim serves as one of the arbiters tasked with overseeing this judgment process. The exact nature of Decim’s creation and his connection to Nona, the overseer of Quindecim, are gradually revealed throughout the series, underscoring his importance in the overarching narrative.

Decim – FAQ

Who is Decim in “Death Billiards”?

Decim is a main character in the anime short film “Death Billiards”. He is an enigmatic bartender who runs a unique bar where people who have died are sent to play a game to determine their ultimate fate.

What is Decim’s role in “Death Billiards”?

Decim serves as the arbiter of the bar in Death Billiards. He is responsible for welcoming the deceased patrons, explaining the rules of the game they must play, and observing their behavior to make a judgment about their souls.

How does Decim determine the fate of the characters in Death Billiards?

Decim determines the fate of the characters in Death Billiards by observing their actions and behavior during the game. He looks for qualities such as compassion, empathy, and understanding to determine whether they deserve reincarnation or eternal oblivion.

Does Decim have any unique abilities or powers?

Decim has several unique abilities in Death Billiards. He has the power to extract memories from the characters and project them onto screens for both the players and the audience to see. He can also manifest various illusions within the bar to create a specific atmosphere for the game.

Is Decim human or supernatural?

Decim is portrayed as a supernatural being in “Death Billiards”. He appears as a young man with silver hair and intense blue eyes. While his true nature is not explicitly explained, it is suggested that he is an otherworldly being tasked with judging the souls of the deceased.

What is the significance of Decim’s emotionless demeanor?

Decim’s emotionless demeanor in “Death Billiards” serves a crucial purpose in his role as a referee. His lack of emotional bias allows him to objectively assess the character of the players and make impartial judgments about their souls. He also adds to the mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere of the bar.