Nate River

Japanese Name ネイト・リバー
Romaji Name Naito Ribā
Nicknames N, Third L, Next (L: Change the WorLd), B (TV drama), Mello (TV drama)
Series Death Note
Age First appearance: 13 years old
Final chapter: 19 years old, Final appearance
Date of Birth August 24, 1991 (1994 in the anime)
Blood Type B


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Analysis of the enigmatic genius from “Death Note


Nate River, also known by his alias “Near”, is a complex and enigmatic character in the popular anime and manga series “Death Note”. As the successor to L, Near possesses a highly analytical and astute mind, making him a formidable opponent to the series’ main protagonist, Light Yagami. Near is known for his calm and collected demeanor, often displaying a detached and unemotional disposition. He approaches situations with a meticulous and calculated mindset, carefully examining evidence and deducing the truth behind complex mysteries.


Near’s real name is Nate River, and he is the youngest of L’s two successors. He was raised in Wammy’s House, an orphanage for gifted children, under the tutelage of Watari. Near’s upbringing in this unique environment played a significant role in shaping his exceptional detective skills. Surrounded by other talented individuals, Near honed his deductive skills and developed a keen sense of observation and analysis.


Near’s appearance is distinctive, characterized by his pale complexion and white hair. He is often seen wearing a white jumpsuit and is often depicted hunched over rather than seated. This posture, combined with his habit of constantly playing with toys and twirling strands of his hair, adds to his peculiar and mysterious aura.


Near’s exceptional intellect and deductive reasoning are his primary assets. He has an extraordinary talent for solving complex crimes, often using L’s methods as the basis for his own investigative approach. Near’s attention to detail and ability to connect seemingly unrelated pieces of information allow him to unravel intricate puzzles and uncover hidden truths. He is known for his strategic thinking and the systematic way in which he conducts his investigations.

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In the world of “Death Note,” Near emerges as a central figure in the fight against Kira, the main antagonist of the series. As the head of SPK (Special Provision for Kira), Near assumes the role of the third and final “L” after L’s death. Near’s introduction to the series brings a new dynamic to the narrative, as he becomes a formidable opponent to Light Yagami, the holder of the Death Note.
Near’s character development throughout the series is marked by his determination and unwavering pursuit of justice. While initially portrayed as an ally of Light and Mello, Near’s true intentions and strategies are gradually revealed, revealing his cunning and resourcefulness.

In conclusion

Nate River, or Near, is a fascinating character in “Death Note” whose intelligence and analytical abilities make him a memorable presence in the series. His unique personality, background, distinctive appearance, extraordinary abilities, and role as L’s successor all contribute to the overall intrigue. Near’s contribution to the story adds depth and complexity to the ongoing battle between good and evil, making him one of the most memorable characters in the Death Note universe.

Nate River – FAQ

Who is Nate River from “Death Note”?

Nate River, also known by his alias Near, is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “Death Note”. He is one of the main protagonists and serves as the main antagonist to Light Yagami, the main protagonist of the series.

What is Nate River’s role in “Death Note”?

Nate River is a highly intelligent detective and one of the successors of L, the world-renowned detective. He is assigned to investigate the Kira case, in which people are mysteriously dying after their names are written in a supernatural notebook known as the Death Note.

How is Nate River different from L?

Nate River, or Near, shares many similarities with L, both in appearance and in their detective skills. However, there are some major differences between the two characters. Near is more methodical and analytical, relying heavily on logic and deduction, while L tends to use intuition and unorthodox methods in his investigations.

What are Nate River’s personality traits?

Nate River is portrayed as a calm and unemotional character. He rarely shows outward signs of emotion and maintains a calm and collected demeanor even in high-pressure situations. He is highly intelligent, strategic, and possesses exceptional deductive reasoning skills.

How does Nate River contribute to the plot of “Death Note”?

Nate River plays an important role in the story of “Death Note”. As one of L’s successors, he becomes the main rival of Light Yagami, the owner of the Death Note. His investigations and confrontations with Light drive the story forward and lead to the climax of the series.

Will Nate River be able to capture Kira?

Spoiler alert! Yes, Nate River ultimately succeeds in his mission to capture Kira. Through his meticulous detective work and cooperation with the task force, he is able to uncover Light Yagami’s true identity as Kira and bring him to justice.

What is the relationship between Nate River and Mello?

Nate River has a complex relationship with Mello, another character in “Death Note” who is also a successor to L. At first, they are rivals competing to solve the Kira case, but they eventually form an uneasy alliance to take down Light Yagami. Although they have different approaches and personalities, they both share the common goal of stopping Kira.