Original Name クラヴィス
Romaji Name Kuravisu
Nicknames None
Series Death Parade
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Clavis from “Death Parade”: A closer look at the enigmatic character

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Clavis, a supporting character in the anime series “Death Parade”, has a warm and friendly personality. As an elevator operator within the Arbiter System, he serves as a personal servant to Nona, the supervisor of the Quindecim Bar. Clavis is known for his ever-present smile, which reflects his cheerful and helpful nature. He often engages in light-hearted banter, occasionally teasing his colleague Ginti. Despite his role in the Afterlife Judgment process, Clavis maintains a positive and approachable demeanor, providing comfort to both the Arbiters and the guests.


Not much is revealed about Clavis’ background in the anime series. However, it is apparent that he holds an important position within the Arbitration System, responsible for transporting Arbiters and guests between floors. His close relationship with Nona suggests that he has been a part of the system for some time, gaining her trust and serving as her loyal confidant. Clavis’ backstory remains largely shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation and intrigue.


Clavis presents as a well-groomed and elegant individual. He is often seen wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a red bowtie, adding a touch of sophistication to his appearance. His blond hair is neatly combed, and his blue eyes radiate a sense of kindness and warmth. Clavis’ overall demeanor and attire contribute to his professional and refined image, perfectly suited to his role as an elevator operator.


While the extent of Clavis’ abilities is not explicitly shown in the anime, his role as an elevator operator suggests that he is adept at navigating the complex Arbiter system. He possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to seamlessly transport Arbiters and guests between floors within the afterlife realm. Clavis’ competence is evident in the efficiency and professionalism with which he performs his duties.


The exact origin of Clavis and his connection to the afterlife realm depicted in “Parade of Death” is not explicitly revealed in the series. However, it can be inferred that he exists within the realm specifically designed to judge the souls of the deceased. As an essential member of the Arbiter System, Clavis plays a vital role in maintaining the balance and order of the afterlife. The details of his origin and the circumstances that led him to become an elevator operator remain open to interpretation.

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Clavis – FAQ

What is Clavis in “Death Parade”?

Clavis is a recurring character in the anime series “Death Parade”. He is a mysterious bartender who works at Quindecim, a bar in the afterlife. Clavis serves as a guide and observer, welcoming the deceased to Quindecim and overseeing the judgment games that determine their fate.

How does Clavis contribute to the judgment process in Death Parade?

Clavis plays a crucial role in the Judgment process. It assists Decim, the main judge, by providing him with information about the guests and their past lives. Clavis also helps set up the games and makes sure the rules are followed. In addition, he acts as a source of emotional support for Decim, offering guidance and advice when needed.

What is Clavis’ personality like in “Death Parade”?

Clavis is portrayed as a calm and collected individual. He maintains a friendly and welcoming demeanor to help guests feel comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings of Quindecim. Clavis is also discreet and observant, paying close attention to the guests’ behavior and interactions to gain insight into their true nature.

Does Clavis have any special skills or powers?

While Clavis has no supernatural powers, he does have extensive knowledge of the afterlife and the process of judgment. He is well-versed in the workings of Quindecim and has a deep understanding of human emotions and psychology. Clavis’ expertise allows him to provide valuable insight and guidance to Decim during the Judgment Games.

Is Clavis human or supernatural?

Clavis is portrayed as a supernatural being in “Death Parade”. He is an integral part of the afterlife realm and serves as a guide for the deceased souls who arrive in Quindecim. Although his exact nature and origins are not explicitly revealed in the series, it is implied that he is an otherworldly being associated with the afterlife.

Does Clavis have a backstory or personal history?

In “Death Parade,” Clavis’ backstory is not explored in any depth. However, it is implied that he has been working at Quindecim for quite some time, suggesting that he is experienced in guiding souls through the judgment process. The anime focuses primarily on the guests and the overall concept of Judgment, rather than delving deeply into Clavis’ personal history.