Yui Nagomi

Original Name (Japanese): 和実 ゆい
Romaji Name: Nagomi Yui
Nicknames: Cure Precious
Series: Delicious Party♡Precure
Age: 13 (2nd year middle school)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Yui Nagomi is described as a quiet, straightforward and energetic second year middle school student. She has outstanding physical drive and gets hungry quickly. Yui cherishes her grandmother’s motto, “Food is smiles,” and she likes to do her best to help others.


Yui’s family owns a diner called the Nagomi Diner. Her grandmother’s belief that “food brings smiles to people’s faces” has greatly influenced Yui’s outlook on life.

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Yui has long, dark blue hair and blue eyes. As Cure Precious, her hair becomes longer and lighter, and she wears a pink and white Precure outfit.


As a Precure, Yui transforms into Cure Precious, who has the power of hope and light. Cure Precious possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility, allowing her to fight against the forces of evil.


Yui Nagomi is one of the four main healers in the anime series Delicious Party♡Precure. She is the group leader of the Precure team.

Yui Nagomi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Yui Nagomi from “Delicious Party♡Precure”:

Who is Yui Nagomi?

Yui Nagomi is one of the main Precure protagonists in the Delicious Party♡Precure series. She is a kind and skilled cook who transforms into the Precure known as Cure Étoile.

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What is Yui Nagomi’s role in the Precure team?

As Cure Étoile, Yui Nagomi uses her culinary expertise and cheerful personality to support the Precure team. She is often the one who provides her teammates with nutritious meals and encouragement.

What are Yui Nagomi’s special skills?

Cure Étoile has the power to create and throw glowing star-shaped projectiles. She can also summon a cooking utensil-based weapon called the Etoile Whisk. Yui’s cooking skills also allow her to create powerful support items for the team.

What is Yui Nagomi’s background?

Yui comes from a long line of professional chefs. She grew up helping in her family’s restaurant and developed a deep passion for cooking. Her dream is to one day open her own cafe and share her culinary creations with the world.

How does Yui Nagomi become Cure Étoile?

When trouble strikes, Yui activates her Precure Pact and announces, “Cookbook, open! Precure, Itadakimasu!” This triggers her transformation sequence where she gains her Cure Étoile costume and powers.

What is Yui Nagomi’s relationship to the other Precure members?

Yui is close friends with the other Precure in her team – Cure Sugar, Cure Flamingo and Cure Ocean. She often cooks meals for them and lends a sympathetic ear when they need support. The Precure appreciate Yui’s kind and nurturing presence.