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Dengeki Daisy

Teru Kurebayashi

Japanese Name 紅林 照 Romaji Name Kurebayashi Teru Nicknames None Series Dengeki Daisy Age 16 Weight N/A Height 156 cm Date of Birth N/A Blood Type O Personality Teru Kurebayashi, the main character of “Dengeki Daisy”, possesses a strong-willed and kind-hearted personality. Despite facing numerous challenges and being left alone after the death of her […]

Tasuku Kurosaki

Japanese Name 黒崎 祐 Romaji Name Tasuku Kurosaki Nicknames Daisy Series Dengeki Daisy Age 24 Weight N/A Height 181cm Date of Birth N/A Blood Type AB Tasuku Kurosaki The enigmatic protagonist of “Dengeki Daisy”. Personality Tasuku Kurosaki, the male protagonist of the “Dengeki Daisy” manga series, is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. He […]