Tasuku Kurosaki

Japanese Name 黒崎 祐
Romaji Name Tasuku Kurosaki
Nicknames Daisy
Series Dengeki Daisy
Age 24
Weight N/A
Height 181cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type AB



The enigmatic protagonist of “Dengeki Daisy”.


Tasuku Kurosaki, the male protagonist of the “Dengeki Daisy” manga series, is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. He is often portrayed as a 24-year-old young man who works as a school janitor. Tasuku is known for his rough exterior, smoking, drinking, and occasionally participating in violent acts. Despite his outwardly tough demeanor, Tasuku possesses a caring and protective nature, especially toward the series’ female lead, Teru.


Tasuku’s past is shrouded in mystery and tragedy. His father was once part of a research and development team working on a code system called Jack. However, his father’s alleged betrayal and sudden death left Tasuku alone. Driven by a desire to uncover the truth behind his father’s death, Tasuku becomes a skilled hacker, eventually creating a dangerous code virus known as Jack O’ Frost.


Tasuku Kurosaki is often depicted as a handsome individual with a tall stature, standing approximately 181 cm tall. His appearance complements his enigmatic personality, with sharp facial features and a piercing gaze that draws the attention of those around him. Tasuku’s physical appearance, coupled with his rugged demeanor, adds to his overall appeal and air of mystery.


In addition to his janitorial duties, Tasuku is an accomplished computer hacker. He possesses exceptional skills in navigating and manipulating computer systems, making him a formidable force in the digital realm. Tasuku’s expertise is further demonstrated by his creation of the Jack O’ Frost code virus, a powerful and dangerous tool capable of altering data within infected computers.


Tasuku’s journey in “Dengeki Daisy” begins when he meets Teru, who becomes his servant after a series of events. Over time, their relationship evolves, with Tasuku gradually developing feelings of love for Teru. As the story progresses, Tasuku finds himself caught up in a web of conspiracy, searching for answers about his father’s death and facing numerous challenges along the way. Despite the hardships, Tasuku remains determined to protect Teru and uncover the truth behind his past.

Tasuku Kurosaki – FAQ

Who is Tasuku Kurosaki?

Tasuku Kurosaki is a fictional character from the manga series “Dengeki Daisy” written and illustrated by Kyousuke Motomi. He is one of the main protagonists of the story.

What is Tasuku Kurosaki’s role in “Dengeki Daisy”?

Tasuku Kurosaki plays an important role in “Dengeki Daisy” as the male lead and the love interest of the main female protagonist, Teru Kurebayashi. He is also a hacker known by the alias “Daisy” who provides support and guidance to Teru throughout the series.

What are Tasuku Kurosaki’s special characteristics?

Tasuku Kurosaki is known for his cold and unapproachable demeanor. He often seems distant and unapproachable, but he has a kind and protective nature towards Teru. Tasuku is highly intelligent, skilled in computer hacking, and has a strong sense of justice.

What is Tasuku Kurosaki’s background?

Tasuku Kurosaki’s past is gradually revealed throughout the series. He has a complicated history with his late brother, Kazuki Kurosaki, who was involved in illegal activities. Tasuku carries a sense of guilt and responsibility for his brother’s actions and is determined to make amends.

Is Tasuku Kurosaki romantically involved in the story?

Yes, Tasuku Kurosaki develops a romantic relationship with the main female protagonist, Teru Kurebayashi, as the story progresses. Their relationship is a central focus of the story, with Tasuku’s protective nature and Teru’s unwavering loyalty playing key roles in their dynamic.

How does Tasuku Kurosaki’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Tasuku Kurosaki undergoes significant character development. Initially reserved and emotionally distant, he gradually opens up to Teru and others, allowing himself to form meaningful relationships. Through his interactions with Teru and his pursuit of justice, Tasuku learns to confront his past and find personal redemption.