Conan Edogawa

Japanese Name 江戸川 コナン
Romaji Name Edogawa Konan
Nicknames Shin-chan, Cool Kid, Silver Bullet, Jimmy Kudo
Series Detective Conan
Age 6-7 (as Conan); 17 (as Shinichi)
Weight 18 kg (as Conan)
Height Unknown (as Conan); 174 cm (as Shinichi)
Date of Birth May 4
Blood Type Unknown

Conan Edogawa is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series “Detective Conan”, also known as “Case Closed”. Created by Gosho Aoyama, Conan Edogawa is the alter ego of Shinichi Kudo, the main protagonist of the series. As Shinichi Kudo, he is a brilliant high school detective, but due to a chain of events involving the Black Organization, he is transformed into a child and adopts the identity of Conan Edogawa to hide his true identity.

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Conan Edogawa is portrayed as a highly intelligent and observant character. Despite his young appearance, he possesses the deductive reasoning and detective skills of his former self, Shinichi Kudo. Conan is known for his sharp wit, keen attention to detail, and exceptional problem-solving skills. He often uses his intelligence to solve complex murder cases and expose the true culprits behind them.


Conan Edogawa’s transformation into a child was the result of ingesting a mysterious poison known as APTX 4869, administered by the Black Organization. In order to maintain his cover and investigate the organization from within, Shinichi adopts the name Conan Edogawa, derived from the famous detective writers Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo. Under his new identity, Conan continues to solve various cases while searching for a way to reverse the effects of the poison and regain his true form.


As Conan Edogawa, Shinichi Kudo takes on the appearance of a young boy. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a blue suit, similar to the one he wore as Shinichi, and a red bow tie. Conan’s small stature and childlike appearance allow him to blend in with other children, making it easier for him to investigate cases without arousing suspicion.


Conan Edogawa has exceptional detective skills and a vast knowledge of forensic science. He is highly observant and can pick up on small details that others might miss. Conan’s deductive reasoning allows him to piece together clues and solve complex mysteries. He often uses disguises and cunning tactics to gather information and outsmart his opponents. Despite his young age, Conan’s intelligence and skills make him a formidable detective.


Conan Edogawa’s character originates from the manga series “Detective Conan,” which was first published in 1994. The series follows the adventures of Shinichi Kudo, a teenage detective who is transformed into a child and takes the name Conan Edogawa. “Detective Conan” has gained immense popularity worldwide and has spawned numerous anime episodes, movies, and spin-off media. The character of Conan Edogawa has become an iconic figure in the detective genre, captivating fans with his intelligence, wit, and determination to uncover the truth.

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Conan Edogawa – FAQ

Who is Conan Edogawa?

Conan Edogawa is the main protagonist of the detective manga and anime series “Detective Conan”, also known as “Case Closed”. His real name is Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective prodigy who was forcibly transformed into a child after being exposed to a poison. He assumes the name Conan Edogawa to keep his true identity hidden while he searches for a cure.

How did Conan Edogawa turn into a child?

Conan Edogawa became a child after ingesting a mysterious poison called APTX 4869, which was administered by a criminal organization known as the Black Organization. The poison was meant to kill him, but instead caused him to shrink into the body of a seven-year-old child.

What is Conan Edogawa’s goal?

Conan Edogawa’s main goal is to find a way to return to his original body as Shinichi Kudo. As he solves various murders and mysteries as Conan, he also gathers information about the Black Organization, the criminal group responsible for his current condition. He hopes to bring them to justice and ultimately find a cure for his transformation.

What are Conan Edogawa’s special abilities?

Conan Edogawa possesses exceptional deductive reasoning skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of detective techniques. Despite being a child, he solves complex cases and outwits criminals using his intelligence and keen observation. He also uses various gadgets and devices created by his inventor friend, Professor Hiroshi Agasa, to aid in his investigations.

Does anyone know the true identity of Conan Edogawa?

Only a few people know Conan Edogawa’s true identity as Shinichi Kudo. These include his childhood friend and love interest, Ran Mouri, and her father, Kogoro Mouri, who is a private detective. Conan keeps his secret from most people to protect himself and those close to him from the dangers posed by the Black Organization.

Does Conan Edogawa ever make any progress in finding a cure?

Throughout the “Detective Conan” series, Conan Edogawa makes gradual progress in uncovering information about the Black Organization and finding a cure for his condition. He meets various people connected to the organization and collects valuable clues and evidence. While he has not yet found a permanent cure, he continues to follow leads and remains determined to regain his original body.