Original Name バージル
Romaji Name Vājiru
Nicknames None
Series Devil May Cry
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Devil May Cry 3’s Vergil: A closer look

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Vergil is a complex character with a strong personality. As Dante’s twin brother, he has a stoic and serious demeanor that contrasts with his brother’s more carefree and relaxed nature. He is driven by a deep lust for power and seeks to unleash the full potential of his demonic heritage. Vergil is highly focused and determined, often displaying a cold and calculating nature. He values strength and sees power as a means to an end. Despite his ruthless pursuit of power, Vergil possesses a sense of honor and holds loyalty as an important virtue.


Vergil’s background is intertwined with the overarching narrative of the Devil May Cry series. He is the son of the legendary demon knight Sparda and the human Eva, making him a devil-human hybrid. Growing up, Vergil shared a close bond with Dante until a tragic event tore their family apart. He became obsessed with his demonic heritage and sought to transcend his own limitations. This led him down a path of darkness and eventually made him one of the main antagonists of Devil May Cry 3.


Virgil’s appearance reflects his serious and serene nature. He is portrayed as a tall and slender man with white hair, reminiscent of his demonic lineage. He typically wears a dark blue cloak with silver accents, giving him a regal and imposing presence. Vergil carries the legendary Yamato sword, a weapon of great significance in the Devil May Cry series. His overall appearance exudes a sense of power and elegance, befitting his status as a formidable opponent.


Vergil possesses exceptional combat skills and formidable demonic powers. Like his brother Dante, he possesses superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. Vergil’s mastery of the Yamato allows him to execute lightning-fast sword strikes, often beyond the limits of human perception. He can invoke his Devil Trigger, a state that enhances his physical abilities and gives him access to devastating demonic techniques. Vergil is also known for his advanced teleportation abilities, which allow him to move quickly across the battlefield and outmaneuver his opponents.


Vergil’s origin lies in the intricate lore of the Devil May Cry series. As the son of Sparda, a powerful demon who rebelled against his kind, Vergil inherited a significant legacy. His quest for power stems from his desire to embrace his demonic heritage and transcend the limitations of his human side. Through his appearances in Devil May Cry 3 and subsequent games, Vergil has become an iconic figure within the franchise, representing the inner struggle between light and darkness.

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Vergil – FAQ

FAQ about Vergil from Devil May Cry 3

Who is Vergil in Devil May Cry 3?
Vergil is one of the main characters in Devil May Cry 3. He is the twin brother of Dante and is known for his stoic personality and exceptional swordsmanship.
What are Vergil’s weapons?
Vergil wields a katana called the Yamato, which is his signature weapon. He is also proficient in the use of various demonic powers and has access to various combat styles.
What is Vergil’s role in the story?
Vergil serves as both an antagonist and a major driving force in the story of Devil May Cry 3. He seeks to gain more power and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals.
Can I play as Vergil in Devil May Cry 3?
Yes, Vergil is a playable character in the special edition of Devil May Cry 3. Players can experience the game from his perspective and utilize his unique combat abilities.
What is Vergil’s fighting style?
Vergil’s fighting style focuses on precision and finesse. He relies heavily on his swordsmanship and has lightning-fast, combo-based attacks. He can also summon swords and teleport to gain an advantage in battle.
What are Vergil’s motivations?
Vergil is driven by his desire for power and his pursuit of strength. He seeks to transcend his own limitations and believes that gaining more power will bring him closer to his goals.
Is Vergil a playable character in other games in the Devil May Cry series?
Yes, Vergil is playable in other games in the Devil May Cry series. He appears as a playable character in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition” and “Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition”, giving players the opportunity to experience his unique play style.