Original Name (Japanese) シレーヌ
Romaji Name Shirēnu
Nicknames Sirene
Series Devilman
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Silene is a complex and driven character. Once Amon’s lover, she is now on a mission to destroy the being that took her beloved. Silene is ruthless and single-minded in her pursuit of this goal, displaying a cold and calculating demeanor. However, glimpses of her deep emotional turmoil also emerge, hinting at the pain she carries from the loss of Amon.


Silene’s backstory is deeply intertwined with that of Amon, a former Devilman. The two were once lovers, but Amon’s transformation into a demon-human hybrid has driven Silene to seek revenge. She is determined to eliminate the being she believes robbed her of her beloved.

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Silene has a striking, almost otherworldly appearance. She possesses razor-sharp claws that can tear a human being in half. She also has the ability to fire her arms at targets, making her a formidable fighter. Silene’s overall aesthetic is that of a graceful yet deadly predator.


Silene’s primary abilities revolve around her razor-sharp claws and her ability to fire her arms as projectiles. These formidable physical attributes make her a dangerous foe, capable of inflicting severe damage on her enemies. Her agility and strategic thinking also contribute to her effectiveness in battle.


Silene comes from the Devilman franchise, created by renowned manga artist Go Nagai. As a supporting character in the Devilman mythos, Silene’s role and importance has evolved through various media, including anime, manga, and crossover events.

Silene – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Silene from “Devilman”:

Who is Silene?

Silene is a female character from the manga and anime series “Devilman”. She is a demon who falls in love with the main protagonist, Akira Fudo, who turns into Devilman.

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What is Silene’s role in the story?

Silene plays an important role in the overall story of Devilman. She is initially sent by the Demon Lord Zennon to seduce and corrupt Akira Fudo, but she ends up falling in love with him instead. This complicates the conflict between demons and humans at the heart of the story.

What are Silene’s powers and abilities?

As a demon, Silene possesses supernatural abilities such as shapeshifting, teleportation, and the ability to control the minds of others. She is also shown to be a skilled fighter and strategist.

What is Silene’s relationship to Akira Fudo?

Silene’s relationship with Akira Fudo is complex. She is initially sent to corrupt him, but ends up falling in love with him. This puts her in a difficult position as she is torn between her demonic nature and her feelings for Akira.

How does Silene’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the story, Silene undergoes significant character development. She begins as a ruthless demon, but her love for Akira causes her to question her loyalty and ultimately make sacrifices to protect him.

What is Silene’s ultimate fate in the story?

Silene’s ultimate fate in the story is tragic. In the end, she is killed while trying to protect Akira from the demonic forces that are after him. Her death is a poignant moment that emphasizes the tragic nature of the conflict between demons and humans in the Devilman universe.