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Diabolik Lovers OVA

Carla Tsukinami

Original Name: 月浪 カルラ Romaji Name: Tsukinami Karura Nicknames: First Blood King Series: Diabolik Lovers Age: Unknown (Exceptionally long lifespan) Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Carla Tsukinami is described as a lazy and calm character, though he hides a secret sadistic violence. He is portrayed as intelligent and […]

Ruki Mukami

Original Name 無神 ルキ Romaji Name Ruki Mukami Nicknames “Brains” Series Diabolik Lovers OVA Age 18 Weight 64 kg Height 180 cm Date of Birth April 24 Blood Type AB Ruki Mukami from “Diabolik Lovers OVA Personality Ruki Mukami, known as the “brains” of the Mukami family, has a complex and fascinating personality. He always […]

Kou Mukami

Japanese Name 無神 コウ Romaji Name Kou Mukami Nicknames Do-S (extreme sadist) Series Diabolik Lovers OVA Age 17 Weight 55 kg Height 176 cm Date of Birth January 28 Blood Type B Personality Kou Mukami, from the “Diabolik Lovers OVA”, is a character with a complex personality. On the surface, he appears friendly and charming, […]

Azusa Mukami

Japanese Name 無神 アズサ Romaji Name Azusa Mukami Nicknames N/A Series Diabolik Lovers OVA Age 17 Weight 50 kg Height 170 cm Date of Birth October 28 Blood Type A Azusa Mukami – A mysterious and complex character from “Diabolik Lovers OVA Personality Azusa Mukami, a character from the “Diabolik Lovers OVA”, has a unique […]