Cinque Izumi

Japanese Name: シンク・イズミ
Romaji Name: Shinku Izumi
Nicknames: Hero, Shinku
Series: Dog Days
Age: 13 years old
Weight: N/A
Height: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Blood Type: N/A

Cinque Izumi from “Dog Days

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Cinque Izumi is portrayed as a cheerful and straightforward 13-year-old character in the anime series “Dog Days”. He has a lively and carefree personality and always moves at his own pace. Cinque is known for his athleticism and acrobatic skills, indicating his love of sports. He exudes a positive and optimistic attitude, often bringing a sense of enthusiasm and energy to the situations he encounters throughout the series. In addition, Cinque displays a sense of loyalty and protective nature towards his friends and allies.


Cinque Izumi is a half-Japanese, half-British earthling who is summoned to the alternate world of Flonyado, specifically the Kingdom of the Biscotti Republic. Prior to his summoning, Cinque was a first year middle school student at the International School of Japan. The specifics of his background and personal history beyond this point are not extensively explored in the available information.


Cinque Izumi is portrayed as a 13-year-old boy of half-Japanese, half-British descent. He has blonde/yellow hair, styled in a medium-length cut, and blue eyes. While the details of his clothing may vary from scene to scene, he is often seen wearing a distinctive outfit that reflects the fantasy setting of Dog Days. His appearance is youthful and energetic, in keeping with his active personality.


As the protagonist of Dog Days, Cinque Izumi possesses remarkable abilities and skills. He wields the Divine Sword of Biscotti, known as the Palladion, a powerful weapon that can take on different shapes depending on its owner. In Cinque’s hands, the Palladion transforms into a staff. He has proven himself in battle, using his weapon to engage in combat and protect his allies. In addition, Cinque can unleash destructive energy beams from the top of Palladion, demonstrating his offensive capabilities.


Cinque Izumi’s origins lie in the real world, where he was a 13-year-old half-Japanese, half-British earthling living in Cornwall. His life takes an unexpected turn when he is summoned to the alternate world of Flonyado, specifically the Kingdom of the Biscotti Republic. The circumstances of his summoning and the reasons for his selection as Princess Millhiore’s “Warrior” are not detailed in the available information.

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Cinque Izumi – FAQ

Who is Cinque Izumi?

Cinque Izumi is the main protagonist of the anime and light novel series “Dog Days”. He is a young boy from Earth who is transported to the magical world of Flonyard, where he becomes a hero and fights alongside the Kingdom of Biscotti.

What are Cinque Izumi’s special powers?

Cinque has the unique ability to transform into a powerful warrior known as “Hero”. When he activates his Hero Mode, his strength, speed, and agility increase significantly, allowing him to fight formidable opponents.

How does Cinque end up in the world of Flonyard?

Cinque is summoned to the world of Flonyard through a magical portal by Princess Millhiore of the Kingdom of Biscotti. He is chosen as a hero to help defend the kingdom in its war against the Galette Lion Army.

Does Cinque have companions in Flonyard?

Yes, Cinque forms close bonds with several characters in Flonyard. He is often accompanied by Millhiore, Princess of Biscotti, and Éclair, a knight serving under Millhiore. He also befriends other heroes and characters from various kingdoms throughout the series.

What is Cinque’s personality like?

Cinque is portrayed as a kindhearted, courageous, and optimistic individual. He is always willing to help others and has a strong sense of justice. Despite being transported to a new world, he quickly adapts and forms strong friendships with the people he meets.

Does Cinque have a romantic relationship?

Throughout the series, Cinque develops close relationships with several female characters, often with romantic undertones. However, the nature of these relationships remains open-ended, and the series does not explicitly establish a definitive romantic partner for Cinque.