Original Name 恵比寿
Romaji Name Ebisu
Nicknames None
Series Dorohedoro
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Ebisu from “Dorohedoro”: A mysterious and enigmatic character

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Ebisu, a character from the anime and manga series “Dorohedoro,” has a complex and enigmatic personality. Initially introduced as a young and sullen-looking woman wearing a skull-shaped mask, Ebisu’s demeanor changes drastically after a traumatic incident. She becomes haunted by nightmares and exhibits eccentric behavior, possibly due to brain damage caused by head trauma. Despite her mental instability, she forms a bond with Fujita and is often seen with him, suggesting a unique partnership.


Ebisu’s background in the series is shrouded in mystery. She first appears in the third chapter, wandering through the Hole, unable to return to the magic user’s world due to a barrier between the two realms. It is revealed that she has the ability to transform into a reptile, a power attributed to her in the records. However, her past and the circumstances that led to her current predicament remain largely unknown.


Ebisu’s appearance is characterized by her androgynous features and a somber expression. She initially wears a skull-shaped mask, which adds an air of mystery to her overall appearance. After the traumatic incident involving Caiman, Nikaido, and Fujita, her face and head are injured, causing visible trauma. Her physical appearance reflects her inner turmoil and the psychological effects of her experiences.


Ebisu’s abilities primarily revolve around her reptile transformation skills. Although her smoke is not directly shown in the series, it is stated that she has an excess of power and can use reptile transformation effectively. Her expertise in this area suggests a mastery of shapeshifting and adaptability, making her a formidable presence in combat situations.


Ebisu’s origin and the circumstances of her existence are largely left to speculation. The series does not delve into her past or provide specific details about her origins. However, her presence in the world of “Dorohedoro” and her unique abilities make her a fascinating character, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative.

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Ebisu – FAQ

Who is Ebisu in “Dorohedoro”?

Ebisu is a main character in the manga and anime series “Dorohedoro”. She is a young sorceress who is a member of the Cross-Eyes Gang, led by En. Ebisu is known for her distinctive appearance, with a lizard-like head and slender body. She has a cheerful and carefree personality, often displaying a childlike innocence.

What are Ebisu’s abilities?

Ebisu has the ability to control smoke, which she uses for both offensive and defensive purposes. She can create smoke bombs, manipulate smoke into various shapes, and even turn her own body into smoke to evade attacks. In addition, Ebisu has a unique talent for mushroom growing and is often seen carrying a bag filled with various types of mushrooms.

How does Ebisu contribute to the plot?

Ebisu plays an important role in the story of Dorohedoro. Although she is initially portrayed as a minor character, she gradually becomes more involved in the central plot. Ebisu’s relationships and interactions with other characters, especially Caiman, Nikaido, and Shin, greatly influence the direction of the story.

What is Ebisu’s personality like?

Ebisu is known for her lively and carefree personality. She often displays a childlike innocence, showing curiosity and wonder at the world around her. Ebisu is generally optimistic and has a positive outlook on life, even in the face of danger. However, she can also be impulsive and naive at times, leading her into dangerous situations.

What is the meaning of Ebisu’s obsession with mushrooms?

Ebisu’s obsession with mushrooms is a recurring theme throughout the series. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of mushrooms, which she uses to her advantage in various situations. In addition, her affinity for mushrooms serves as a symbolic representation of her connection to nature and her unique abilities as a sorcerer.

How does Ebisu’s character develop over the course of the series?

Ebisu undergoes significant character development in “Dorohedoro. Initially portrayed as a carefree and somewhat naive character, she gradually matures and becomes more aware of the complexities of the world she inhabits. As the story progresses, Ebisu’s experiences and relationships shape her into a more resilient and determined individual.