Original Name: 能井
Romaji Name: Noi
Nicknames: NO1 Cleaner
Series: Dorohedoro
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Noi “NO1, Cleaner” – Revealing the Enigmatic Warrior of “Dorohedoro


Noi, a prominent character from the anime series “Dorohedoro”, has a unique and enigmatic personality that adds depth to the story. Known as “NO1 Cleaner”, she is apparently a cousin of En, a powerful figure in the series. Noi is fiercely loyal and dedicated to her work, and is often seen performing her cleaning duties with relentless determination. Despite her intimidating appearance, Noi is shown to have a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her close companion, Shin. Her strong bond with Shin is evident in her unwavering support and protection of him. Noi’s personality reflects her role as a skilled warrior, displaying both strength and a nurturing nature.


Noi’s background in “Dorohedoro” remains somewhat mysterious, with little information available. It is revealed that she is a cousin of En, suggesting a familial connection within the world of the series. Her past is largely unexplored, leaving viewers curious about her origins and the circumstances that led her to become a member of En’s faction. Despite this lack of background information, Noi’s presence and abilities make her an integral part of the series.


Noi’s appearance is striking and distinctive, making her a formidable character in Dorohedoro. Towering over others, she has a tall and stocky stature that contrasts with her close companion, Shin. Noi’s pale blonde hair is noticeable, falling to a medium length, and her red eyes hint at a possible albino trait. Her ears are adorned with several piercings, adding to her unique aesthetic. Notably, Noi’s face is covered by a detailed dark blue mask made of vinyl-like material, similar in style to Shin’s mask but more form-fitting with a zipper. Her overall appearance exudes strength and resilience.


Noi’s abilities in battle are exceptional, furthering her reputation as “NO1 Cleaner”. One of her remarkable abilities is the ability to emit smoke that has incredible healing properties. This smoke can heal almost any injury except fatal wounds, making Noi an invaluable asset in battle. Her mastery of this ability adds depth to her character and makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with.


The origin of Noi’s unique abilities and her role in the world of “Dorohedoro” are never revealed. The series does not delve into her background or provide explicit details about her origins. This air of mystery surrounding Noi’s past only adds to her intrigue as a character, leaving fans curious about her origins and the circumstances that shaped her into the formidable warrior she has become.
In the anime series “Dorohedoro,” Noi’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin intertwine to create a compelling and enigmatic character. Her fierce loyalty, exceptional fighting skills, and mysterious origins all contribute to the story’s appeal. As the NO1 Cleaner, Noi’s presence leaves a lasting impression on viewers, making her an integral part of the compelling world of Dorohedoro.

Noi – FAQ

Who is Noi in “Dorohedoro”?

Noi is a character in the manga and anime series “Dorohedoro”. She is a powerful sorceress and a member of the En Family, one of the main factions in the series. Noi is known for her distinctive appearance, including her muscular physique and signature buzz-cut hairstyle.

What are Noi’s skills and powers?

Noi possesses formidable physical strength and is skilled in close combat. She is also a skilled user of magic and specializes in healing magic, using her abilities to quickly heal wounds. In addition, Noi has the ability to transform her arms into reptilian appendages, giving her increased strength and agility.

What is Noi’s personality like?

Noi is often portrayed as a tough and fearless individual. She is fiercely loyal to her close friend and partner, Shin, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect him. Despite her intimidating appearance, Noi has a kind and compassionate side, especially when it comes to those she cares about.

What is Noi’s relationship to Shin?

Noi and Shin have a deep bond and close friendship. They work together as partners and are often seen fighting alongside each other. Noi’s loyalty to Shin is unwavering and she is known to prioritize his safety above all else. Their relationship is an important aspect of the story, and their interactions often provide moments of both humor and emotional depth.

How does Noi fit into the overall story of “Dorohedoro”?

Noi is a prominent character in “Dorohedoro” and plays an important role in the series. As a member of the En family, she is involved in the complex power struggles and conflicts within the sorcerer’s world. Noi’s skills and abilities make her a formidable force in battle, and her loyalty and friendship with Shin contribute to the emotional core of the story.

What are some memorable moments involving Noi in “Dorohedoro”?

Noi has many memorable moments throughout the series. Some notable examples include her intense battles against powerful enemies, her displays of strength and magic, and her interactions with other characters, especially Shin. Noi’s distinctive appearance and unique personality have made her a favorite character among “Dorohedoro” fans.