Original Name
Romaji Name Shin
Nicknames Senpai, Heart-Man, Cleaner
Series Dorohedoro
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Shin, also known as “Senpai”, “Heart-Man” or “Cleaner”, is a complex character with a unique personality in the anime and manga series “Dorohedoro”. Despite being an assassin, Shin has a sense of fairness and refuses to use his magical abilities on people who cannot use magic themselves. He believes in fair combat and often relies on his trusty hammer as his weapon of choice.


Not much is known about Shin’s background in Dorohedoro. He is a skilled assassin who works alongside his partner Noi, and they are assigned various tasks by their boss, En. Shin’s controlled and contented nature contrasts with his bloodthirsty desire for competition. In the first chapter of the series, he is thrilled when he is given the task of eliminating the main characters, Kaiman and Nikaido.


Shin has a distinctive appearance that sets him apart from the other characters in “Dorohedoro”. He wears a mask shaped like a human heart, which he usually wears backwards, with eye holes cut out of the back. Without the mask, Shin is depicted as a blonde individual with blue eyes, wearing glasses. He typically wears a suit with an untucked white shirt and sneakers, giving him a somewhat unconventional and stylish appearance.


Shin possesses both physical and magical abilities that make him a formidable assassin in the world of Dorohedoro. His tool of choice is a hammer, which he wields with great skill. He also possesses a unique magical smoke that allows him to dismember and dissect people without physically killing them. This ability sets him apart from other characters and contributes to his reputation as a feared and skilled assassin.


The origin of Shin’s character in “Dorohedoro” is not explicitly mentioned on the provided website. However, based on the available information, Shin is a hitman who operates in the dark and gritty world depicted in the series. He is part of a larger organization led by En and takes on various assignments that often involve violence and confrontation.

Shin – FAQ

Who is Shin in “Dorohedoro”?

Shin is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Dorohedoro”. He is a former magic user who lost his memories and ended up with a lizard head. Shin is known for his incredible physical strength and his ability to manipulate smoke.

What are Shin’s abilities?

Shin’s abilities revolve around his control of smoke. He can create and manipulate smoke to form various shapes and weapons. He often uses his smoke manipulation to create powerful attacks and defend himself in battle.

How did Shin end up with a lizard head?

The exact circumstances of how Shin ended up with a lizard’s head are initially unclear in the series. It is revealed that he was once a magic user, but lost his memories due to an unknown incident. As a result, he acquired the lizard head, which is a physical deformity that he carries throughout the story.

What is Shin’s relationship to the other main characters?

Shin has a close relationship with the main character, Caiman. They are best friends and often work together to uncover the truth behind their respective pasts. Shin is also a member of the En family, led by En, and has a complex relationship with other members of the family.

Will Shin regain his memories?

Yes, Shin eventually regains his memories as the story progresses. The revelation of his past plays a significant role in the overall narrative and sheds light on his motivations and relationships with other characters.

What is Shin’s personality like?

Shin is portrayed as a stoic and serious individual. He is often focused on his goals and can be ruthless when it comes to protecting his friends or achieving his objectives. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is a loyal and caring friend to those close to him.