Original Name 寿海
Romaji Name Jukai
Series Dororo to Hyakkimaru
Date of Birth
Blood Type


The Skilled Doctor and Guardian – Exploring the Character from “Dororo to Hyakkimaru

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Jukai, also known as “Dr. Jukai”, is a character from the anime and manga series “Dororo to Hyakkimaru”. He has a compassionate and caring personality, driven by a desire to heal the sick and help those in need. Jukai is dedicated to his craft as a doctor and surgeon, using his skills to create prosthetics for those who have suffered physical disabilities. He is portrayed as a wise and knowledgeable individual, always willing to lend a helping hand to those who seek his assistance.


Jukai’s background in “Dororo to Hyakkimaru” reveals him to be a skilled physician and surgeon. He is known for his expertise in healing magic and alchemical methods. He uses these unique skills to create prosthetics for Hyakkimaru, the series’ main protagonist. Jukai’s backstory suggests that he has witnessed the horrors of war, as he uses the remains of deceased children to create these prostheses. This tragic experience may have shaped his compassionate nature and commitment to helping others.


Jukai is depicted as an elderly man with a gentle and wise countenance. He has a slender build and wears traditional Japanese clothing that reflects his role as a doctor. Jukai’s attire consists of a white kimono with intricate patterns, emphasizing his professionalism and dedication to his craft. His eyes convey a sense of wisdom and kindness, making him a trustworthy figure in the series.


Jukai’s abilities lie in his mastery of healing magic and alchemy. He uses these skills to create prosthetics for Hyakkimaru, allowing him to regain his lost body parts. This demonstrates Jukai’s exceptional talent as a surgeon and his resourcefulness in finding unconventional solutions to physical disabilities. His expertise in healing magic allows him to bring hope and restoration to those who have suffered great loss.


Jukai’s origin in “Dororo to Hyakkimaru” is deeply intertwined with the aftermath of war. He uses the remains of deceased children, victims of the war, to create prostheses for Hyakkimaru. This origin story highlights Jukai’s ability to transform tragedy into hope and emphasizes his role as a compassionate healer and protector. Jukai’s selfless actions demonstrate his commitment to using his abilities for the betterment of others, even in the face of great adversity.
In the “Dororo to Hyakkimaru” series, Jukai is a central character who plays an important role in Hyakkimaru’s journey. His compassionate nature, exceptional skills, and tragic background make him a compelling figure within the narrative. Jukai’s unwavering dedication to healing and his role as a guardian underscore the themes of redemption and the power of compassion in the face of adversity.

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Jukai – FAQ

What is Jukai in “Dororo to Hyakkimaru”?

Jukai is a character in the anime and manga series “Dororo to Hyakkimaru”. He is a skilled doctor and prosthetics expert who plays a crucial role in the story. Jukai is known for his compassion and willingness to help those in need, especially Hyakkimaru.

How does Jukai meet Hyakkimaru?

Jukai first encounters Hyakkimaru when he discovers the boy abandoned in a river. Moved by Hyakkimaru’s plight and the fact that he was born without limbs, facial features, or internal organs, Jukai takes him in and becomes his adoptive father figure.

What is Jukai’s role in Hyakkimaru’s journey?

Jukai plays an important role in Hyakkimaru’s journey to recover his body parts and regain his humanity. Using his expertise in prosthetics, Jukai creates artificial limbs for Hyakkimaru, allowing him to regain his mobility and fight demons. Jukai also provides emotional support and guidance to Hyakkimaru throughout his quest.

How does Jukai contribute to Hyakkimaru’s character development?

Jukai’s nurturing and compassionate nature contributes greatly to Hyakkimaru’s character development. Through his interactions with Jukai, Hyakkimaru learns about empathy, kindness, and the value of human connection. Jukai’s teachings help shape Hyakkimaru’s perspective on the world and his determination to fight for justice.

Does Jukai have any personal motivations or goals?

While Jukai is primarily driven by his desire to help others, he also has a personal goal related to his deceased daughter. Jukai seeks to recover his daughter’s remains in order to give her a proper burial. This personal quest adds depth to Jukai’s character and serves as a driving force behind some of his actions.

Are there any major conflicts involving Jukai?

Yes, Jukai faces several conflicts throughout the series. One of the major conflicts is his internal struggle with guilt and remorse for his past actions. Jukai also faces external conflicts when he faces powerful enemies or encounters obstacles in his quest to help Hyakkimaru. These conflicts highlight the challenges Jukai must overcome on his journey.