Rihito Sajou

Original Name 佐条利人
Romaji Name Sajou Rihito
Nicknames None
Series Doukyuusei (Movie)
Age Varies based on the timeline
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Rihito Sajou from “Doukyuusei (Movie)”: Exploring the enigmatic protagonist

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Rihito Sajou, one of the main protagonists in the movie “Doukyuusei,” has a complex and enigmatic personality. He is portrayed as an introverted and reserved individual, often appearing calm and collected. Rihito excels academically, especially in subjects such as education and physics. However, he struggles with music, indicating a well-rounded but selective set of talents.


Born in late fall, Rihito’s mother is from Kyoto and his father is from Yokohama. His grandfather, a former professor of Christianity, currently resides in New Zealand. Rihito’s first experience with love came in the first grade, when he developed feelings for a sixth-grade boy who was the team leader in his section. Despite his academic prowess, Rihito is unable to cook for himself.


Rihito Sajou has short black hair, slanted eyes, and wears glasses. He has kept his glasses since kindergarten, indicating a long-term visual impairment. His vision is below 0.1 in both eyes, indicating a significant degree of nearsightedness. Rihito’s pale skin adds to his overall delicate and somewhat ethereal appearance.


While Rihito Sajou’s skills lie primarily in the academic realm, where he excels in education and physics, his talents extend beyond mere intellectual pursuits. His dedication and hard work allow him to maintain his position as an excellent student, demonstrating a high level of intelligence and a strong work ethic. Rihito’s dedication to his studies and his desire to achieve top grades highlight his determination and perseverance.


Rihito Sajou’s origins can be traced back to the “Doukyuusei” series, a popular manga and anime franchise. Originally introduced in the “Doukyuusei” manga, Rihito later appeared as one of the main characters in the anime adaptation. His portrayal in both mediums has garnered a significant following and contributed to his status as a beloved character within the series.
Rihito Sajou’s character in “Doukyuusei (Movie)” is multifaceted and captivating. With his reserved demeanor, academic prowess, and intriguing background, Rihito adds depth to the narrative and engages the audience with his enigmatic personality. Whether navigating the complexities of love or striving for academic excellence, Rihito’s journey in the film offers a compelling exploration of personal growth and self-discovery.

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Rihito Sajou – FAQ

Who is Rihito Sajou?

Rihito Sajou is a fictional character from the movie “Doukyuusei”. He is one of the main protagonists and plays an important role in the story.

What is Rihito’s personality like?

Rihito is generally portrayed as introverted, serious, and studious. He is dedicated to his studies and often keeps to himself. However, he has a hidden passion for music, which he discovers during the course of the movie.

What is Rihito’s role in the story?

Rihito serves as one of the main characters and love interests in the movie. His relationship with the other main character, Hikaru Kusakabe, is at the heart of the story. Rihito’s personal journey and growth, especially in discovering his musical talent, are important elements of the plot.

What are Rihito’s hobbies and interests?

Before discovering his passion for music, Rihito’s primary interest is in his academic pursuits. However, as the story progresses, he becomes involved in the school’s choir club and develops a deep love for singing. Music becomes an important hobby for him throughout the movie.

Does Rihito face any challenges in the movie?

Yes, Rihito faces several challenges throughout the movie. He deals with his growing feelings for Hikaru and struggles with his personal identity and self-acceptance. He also faces the pressure of balancing his academic responsibilities with his newfound passion for music.

Does Rihito have any character development in the movie?

Yes, Rihito undergoes significant character development in “Doukyuusei”. As he explores his musical talent and deepens his relationship with Hikaru, he becomes more open, expressive and confident. Rihito’s journey involves embracing his true self and finding the courage to pursue his passions.