Jinzouningen 17-gou

Original Name 人造人間17号
Romaji Name Jinzouningen 17-gou
Nicknames Artificial Human 17, Android 17, Lapis
Series Dragon Ball GT
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Jinzouningen 17-gou, also known as Artificial Human 17 or Android 17, is a fictional character from the popular anime series “Dragon Ball GT”. In this article, we will explore various aspects of Jinzouningen 17-gou’s character, including her personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Jinzouningen 17-gou is portrayed as a stoic and relaxed individual. They often display a carefree and casual attitude and rarely show strong emotions. Despite their calm demeanor, Jinzouningen 17-gou possess a strong sense of justice and are willing to fight against evil forces to protect the innocent. They are known for their independent and rebellious nature, preferring to live a solitary life in the wilderness.



ally a human, Jinzouningen 17-gou was transformed into a cyborg by Dr. Gero, along with her twin sister. In the Future Trunks timeline, Jinzouningen 17-gou becomes a mass murderer. However, they are later killed when Cell self-destructs. Through a wish with the Dragon Balls, Jinzouningen 17-gou is revived and reintegrated into society.


Jinzouningen 17-gou have a distinct and recognizable appearance. They have short black hair and blue eyes. Their clothing consists of a black high-collared vest with a black short-sleeved shirt underneath, green pants, and brown boots. They also wear a red scarf around their neck.


Jinzouningen 17-gou possess superhuman strength, speed, and agility due to their cyborg enhancements. They are skilled martial artists and are proficient in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, they can generate and manipulate an energy source known as Ki, allowing them to perform powerful energy attacks. Jinzouningen 17-gou can also create an energy barrier for defense.


Jinzouningen 17-gou first appear in the original Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama. They later appear in various adaptations, including Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. Their character development and storyline is further explored in these series, showing their evolution from villainous android to heroic fighter.

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Jinzouningen 17-gou – FAQ

Who is Jinzouningen 17-gou in Dragon Ball GT?

Jinzouningen 17-gou, also known as Android 17, is a character from the Dragon Ball GT series. He is an android created by the evil scientist Dr. Gero and was first introduced in the Dragon Ball Z series.

What are the abilities and powers of Jinzouningen 17-gou?

Jinzouningen 17-gou has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, making him a formidable fighter. He can also generate and manipulate an energy source called “Ki,” which he uses to perform powerful attacks and defenses.

How does Jinzouningen 17-gou in Dragon Ball GT differ from previous series?

In Dragon Ball GT, Jinzouningen 17-gou undergoes a significant change. He is fused with another villain, Hell Fighter 17, through a device called the Super 17 Computer. This fusion increases his powers and gives him new abilities.

What is the role of Jinzouningen 17-gou in Dragon Ball GT?

In Dragon Ball GT, Jinzouningen 17-gou becomes a major antagonist. After merging with Hell Fighter 17, he seeks to dominate the world and defeat the Dragon Ball heroes. His actions lead to intense battles and conflicts throughout the series.

Does Jinzouningen 17-gou have a different appearance in Dragon Ball GT?

Yes, Jinzouningen 17-gou’s appearance changes in Dragon Ball GT. After merging with Hell Fighter 17, he gets a new outfit and a more sinister look. He retains his signature red scarf, but adopts a darker color scheme and a more menacing demeanor.

Can Jinzouningen 17-gou be defeated in Dragon Ball GT?

Jinzouningen 17-gou poses a significant threat in Dragon Ball GT, but he is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the Dragon Ball heroes. Through teamwork and strategic planning, they find a way to overcome his formidable powers and end his reign of terror.