Original Name ベジータ
Romaji Name Bejīta
Nicknames Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta-sama
Series Dragon Ball GT
Age 732 (at birth)
Weight 126 lbs
Height 5′ 5″
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Vegeta, also known as Prince Vegeta, is a fictional character from the popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball GT. Created by Akira Toriyama, Vegeta is one of the most prominent characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, originally introduced as a villain before transitioning into a major hero. In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta is further developed, showcasing his unique personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Vegeta is initially portrayed as haughty, arrogant and self-entitled due to his status as the prince of the Saiyans. He has an inflated sense of superiority and considers himself above most people he encounters. Regal, egotistical and full of pride, Vegeta was once a ruthless and cold-blooded warrior. However, as the series progresses, he undergoes significant character growth and becomes capable of caring for and loving others.


Vegeta was once a member of the Saiyan army, working alongside Nappa and Raditz under the command of Frieza. After learning of Frieza’s destruction of his home planet, Vegeta decides to take revenge and eventually teams up with the main cast on Namek. Though he dies in battle, he is later revived and returns to Earth, where he adjusts to everyday life and remains a steadfast ally.


Vegeta is depicted as a Saiyan with a tall and muscular build. He has black spiky hair that stands upright and a widow’s peak. His signature outfit consists of a blue jumpsuit with white gloves and boots, adorned with white and gold armor plates. Vegeta often wears a scouter, a device that allows him to measure power levels, over his left eye.


Vegeta possesses the immense strength, speed and agility characteristic of the Saiyan race. He is a skilled martial artist and has mastered a variety of fighting techniques, including the use of energy blasts and powerful physical attacks. Vegeta is also known for his ability to transform into various Super Saiyan forms, each giving him a significant power boost and unlocking new abilities.


Vegeta comes from the planet Vegeta, which was once inhabited by the Saiyan race. As the prince of the Saiyans, he is the son of King Vegeta and the younger brother of Tarble. Vegeta’s life takes a significant turn when his planet is destroyed by Frieza, leading him on a path of vengeance and eventually aligning him with the main protagonists of the series.
In the Dragon Ball GT series, Vegeta’s character continues to evolve, showing his growth from a proud warrior to a compassionate hero. His complex personality, rich background, distinctive appearance, formidable abilities, and tragic origin story make him a beloved and iconic figure in the Dragon Ball universe.

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Vegeta – FAQ

Who is Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT?

Vegeta is a fictional character from the “Dragon Ball” franchise and appears in the sequel series “Dragon Ball GT”. He is a Saiyan warrior and the prince of the fallen Saiyan race.

What is Vegeta’s role in Dragon Ball GT?

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta continues his role as a prominent character and one of the main protagonists. He fights alongside Goku and the other Z-Fighters to protect Earth and the universe from various threats.

Does Vegeta have new transformations in Dragon Ball GT?

Yes, Vegeta achieves a new transformation in Dragon Ball GT known as Super Saiyan 4. This form is the result of Vegeta regaining his tail and then achieving the Golden Monkey form. By mastering this transformation, he can unleash the power of Super Saiyan 4.

What is Vegeta’s motivation in Dragon Ball GT?

Vegeta’s motivations in Dragon Ball GT are consistent with his character arc throughout the series. He is driven by the desire to surpass Goku and become the strongest warrior. In addition, he fights to protect his family, loved ones and the planet Earth.

Does Vegeta have a significant character development in Dragon Ball GT?

Yes, Vegeta undergoes some character development in Dragon Ball GT. While his core motivations remain the same, he learns to appreciate the value of teamwork and the bonds with his family, especially his son Trunks. Vegeta also puts his pride aside at times to work with Goku and the other Z-Fighters.

What are some notable battles that Vegeta takes part in during Dragon Ball GT?

Vegeta takes part in several notable battles in Dragon Ball GT. He fights against powerful enemies such as Baby, Super Android 17, and Omega Shenron. Vegeta’s battles often showcase his determination, tactical skills, and unwavering resolve to protect his loved ones.