Gokuu Black

Japanese Name ゴクウブラック
Romaji Name Gokuu Burakku
Nicknames Goku Black
Series Dragon Ball Super
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The mysterious antagonist of Dragon Ball Super.


Gokuu Black, also known as Goku Black, is a complex character with a dark and twisted personality. He has the body of Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, but his mind and motivations are completely different. Gokuu Black is driven by a deep hatred for mortals and a desire to eradicate them in order to create a world he considers perfect. He has a calm and collected demeanor, often taunting and toying with his opponents before delivering a devastating blow. His arrogance and sadistic nature make him a formidable opponent.


In the world of Dragon Ball Super, Gokuu Black comes from an alternate timeline. In this timeline, the Supreme Kai apprentice named Zamasu from Universe 10 successfully carries out his plan to eliminate his mentor, Gowasu, and obtain the Potara Earrings and the Time Ring. With these powerful artifacts, Zamasu collects the Super Dragon Balls and switches bodies with Goku, becoming Goku Black. He then travels to the timeline of Future Trunks, where he allies with his counterpart and wreaks havoc on humanity.


Gokuu Black’s appearance is strikingly similar to Goku’s, but with distinct differences that reflect his sinister nature. He has Goku’s muscular build and spiky black hair, but his eyes are narrow and filled with malice. Unlike Goku, his aura is dark and enveloped in an ominous black energy. Gokuu Black wears a black variation of Goku’s iconic gi, symbolizing his corrupted nature. These physical characteristics serve as a visual representation of the evil that resides within him.


As a fusion of Zamasu and Goku, Gokuu Black possesses an impressive array of powers and abilities. Like Goku, he is a skilled martial artist with exceptional fighting skills. In addition, he can tap into Goku’s Super Saiyan forms, including Super Saiyan Rose, an exclusive transformation with a pink aura that emits an elegant and deadly aura.
Gokuu Black also possesses the powers of a Supreme Kai, giving him immense strength, speed and the ability to manipulate energy. He can generate powerful energy blasts, create energy blades, and perform devastating energy-based attacks. His mastery of time allows him to travel through it and change the course of history, making him a formidable opponent.


The origin of Gokuu Black can be traced back to the evil intentions of Zamasu, the apprentice of the Supreme Kai. Fueled by his disdain for mortals and their actions, Zamasu embarked on a path of destruction that culminated in his fusion with Goku. This fusion resulted in the birth of Gokuu Black, a being driven by a twisted sense of justice and a desire to rid the world of what he perceives as impurity.
The presence of Gokuu Black in Dragon Ball Super introduces a compelling and morally complex antagonist. His origins and abilities make him a formidable opponent, and his dark personality adds a layer of intrigue to the series. As the story unfolds, Gokuu Black’s actions and motivations continue to captivate fans and test the limits of our beloved heroes.

Gokuu Black – FAQ

Who is Goku Black in “Dragon Ball Super”?

Goku Black is a character introduced in the “Future Trunks” arc of “Dragon Ball Super”. He is an alternate version of Goku from an alternate timeline who possesses Goku’s body and is filled with an intense hatred for humanity.

How did Goku Black get Goku’s body?

Goku Black acquired Goku’s body by using the Time Ring, which allowed him to travel to an alternate timeline where Goku had died of a heart virus. In this timeline, Goku’s body was not properly buried, and Goku Black took the opportunity to switch bodies with him.

What are Goku Black’s powers and abilities?

Goku Black has all of Goku’s powers and abilities, including his incredible strength, speed, and fighting skills. In addition, he wields a powerful energy blade called the Energy Blade, which he can summon at will. Goku Black can also transform into an even more powerful form known as “Super Saiyan Rose.

What is Goku Black’s goal?

Goku Black’s goal is to exterminate all mortals and implement the “Zero Mortals Plan”. He believes that mortals are responsible for the world’s suffering and that only by eliminating them can true justice and peace be achieved.

Who is Goku Black’s main opponent?

Goku Black’s main opponent is Future Trunks, who travels back in time to seek help from Goku and his friends. Future Trunks is determined to stop Goku Black and prevent him from carrying out his plan to wipe out all mortals.

Does Goku Black have a connection to Zamasu?

Yes, Goku Black is revealed to be a version of Zamasu, a Supreme Kai apprentice from Universe 10. Zamasu harbored a deep hatred for mortals and used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku, creating Goku Black. This connection between Goku Black and Zamasu is a major plot point in the “Future Trunks” arc.