Masaomi Kida

Japanese Name 紀田正臣
Romaji Name Masaomi Kida
Nicknames Bakyura, Shogun
Series Durarara!!
Age 15
Weight 60kg
Height 170cm
Date of Birth June 19
Blood Type A
Interests Skirt chasing
Favorite Subject English
Disliked Subject History
Favorite Food Eating with girls
Disliked Food Eating with just guys
Motto “Love is a leveler”


Masaomi Kida, a prominent character in the anime series “Durarara!!”, is known for his unique and multifaceted personality. He is an easy-going and carefree individual who often seems foolhardy. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Kida has a charismatic charm that draws people to him. He is friendly and approachable, which makes him popular among his peers. Kida’s energetic and outgoing nature is evident from his childhood, as described by his friend Mikado Ryuugamine.
However, there is also a more serious and determined side to Kida’s personality. He shows great strength and courage in the face of adversity, especially during his time as the leader of the Yellow Scarf Gang. Kida’s leadership and fighting skills are demonstrated in his role as “Shogun,” the title bestowed upon him during his reign as leader of the gang. Despite his strength, Kida is not without vulnerability. He has a deep fear of Izaya Orihara and is easily swayed by gang talk.


Masaomi Kida and Mikado Ryuugamine have been best friends since childhood. Kida was instrumental in encouraging Mikado to move to Ikebukuro and attend the Raira Academy. Kida’s extensive knowledge of the people and places in Ikebukuro makes him an invaluable guide for Mikado. He is well acquainted with many of the residents of the area, which further strengthens his connection to the city.
Throughout the series, Kida’s background is explored in depth. He was the leader of the Yellow Scarves gang, where he gained recognition and respect as a formidable fighter. However, Kida eventually left Ikebukuro with Saki at the end of the third novel. Despite his departure, he maintains contact with Mikado through the online chat room, using the alias “Bakyura”. Kida later returns to Ikebukuro, but Mikado warns him to stay away from current affairs and not to get involved.


Masaomi Kida is depicted as a teenager with blonde/yellow hair and brown eyes. He has a youthful and energetic appearance that matches his lively personality. Standing at 170 cm and weighing 60 kg, Kida has an average build. His fashion sense tends toward casual and trendy clothing, reflecting his carefree nature. Kida’s distinctive appearance adds to his overall charm and makes him easily recognizable among the characters in “Durarara!!”.


Kida displays remarkable martial arts skills and physical prowess, especially during his time as the leader of the Yellow Scarves gang. He is a skilled fighter, capable of taking down multiple opponents with a crowbar. Kida’s strength and resilience are evident even in the most difficult situations. However, his skills extend beyond physical combat. Kida has natural leadership qualities that have allowed him to effectively lead the Yellow Scarves.


Masaomi Kida’s origin lies in his role as the main character in the anime series “Durarara!!”. Created by Ryohgo Narita, the series explores the lives and interactions of various individuals in the bustling city of Ikebukuro. Kida’s character development and background are integral to the overall narrative, as his relationships and experiences shape the events that unfold throughout the series. Kida’s journey from Mikado’s childhood friend to the leader of the Yellow Scarves gang adds depth and complexity to his character, making him a significant presence in the story.

Masaomi Kida – FAQ

Who is Masaomi Kida?

Masaomi Kida is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “Durarara! He is one of the main characters and a close friend of the protagonist, Mikado Ryuugamine.

What is Masaomi Kida’s personality like?

Masaomi is portrayed as an outgoing and cheerful person. He is often seen as energetic and friendly, with a tendency to be a bit of a flirt. However, he also has a more serious and protective side, especially when it comes to his friends.

What is Masaomi Kida’s role in the series?

Masaomi plays an important role in the series as one of the main characters. He is a key member of a gang called the Yellow Scarves and is involved in various events and conflicts throughout the story. His friendship with Mikado and his experiences in the city of Ikebukuro drive much of his character arc.

What are Masaomi Kida’s motivations?

Masaomi’s main motivation is to protect his friends and keep them safe. He has a strong sense of justice and is willing to take action to maintain peace and order in the city. His past experiences also play a role in his motivations, as he carries personal baggage that influences his actions and decisions.

Does Masaomi Kida have any special skills?

No, Masaomi does not have any supernatural or extraordinary abilities. He relies on his intelligence, charisma, and physical skills to overcome the challenges he faces in the series.

What are some notable moments or storylines involving Masaomi Kida?

Some notable storylines involving Masaomi include his involvement with the Yellow Scarves gang, his complicated relationship with his childhood friend Saki Mikajima, and his connection to the Dollars, an anonymous online group. Masaomi’s past and the secrets he holds also become major plot points throughout the series.