Jin-Woo Sung

Original Name 성 진우
Romaji Name Jin-Woo Sung
Nicknames The World’s Weakest Hunter
Series Echo
Age 24
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Jin-Woo Sung


Jin-Woo Sung, also known as Echo, is the main protagonist of the anime series “Echo”. He possesses a complex and multifaceted personality that undergoes significant development throughout the series. Initially, Jin-Woo is portrayed as a shy and insecure individual due to his troubled family background and perceived incompetence as a hunter. However, as the story progresses, he undergoes a remarkable transformation and becomes a confident and powerful character.
Jin-Woo is characterized by a strong sense of family and an unwavering determination to protect his loved ones. He shares a deep bond with his mother and sister and is fiercely dedicated to their well-being. Despite his immense power, Jin-Woo remains humble and displays a polite and easygoing demeanor in his interactions with others. He possesses a selfless nature and is willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.
In battle, however, Jin-Woo displays a ruthless and merciless fighting style. He shows no mercy to his enemies and is capable of slaughtering them indiscriminately. This contrast between his gentle nature in everyday life and his fierce fighting skills adds depth to his character.


Jin-Woo Sung was born about 20-25 years before the main events of the series. He is the son of Sung Il-Hwan and Park Kyung-Hye and has a younger sister named Jinah. Tragedy struck his family when his father mysteriously disappeared in a dungeon during a raid and was presumed dead. Later, his mother fell into a coma due to symptoms of Eternal Slumber.
With both of his parents gone, Jin-Woo was thrust into the role of the family’s sole breadwinner. Despite being ridiculed by the Korean hunter community for his perceived weakness, he persevered, taking on dangerous missions to support himself and his sister. He earned the derogatory nickname “The Weakest Hunter in All Mankind,” but his determination to protect his family never wavered.


Jin-Woo Sung has a distinctive appearance that reflects his growth and transformation throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a shy and insecure individual, his physical features gradually evolve along with his character development. He has a youthful appearance, with short black hair and expressive brown eyes.
As the story progresses, Jin-Woo’s appearance becomes more confident and mature. His posture becomes more upright and his eyes radiate determination and strength. He exudes an aura of power and authority, reflecting his status as a formidable hunter and guild master.


Jin-Woo Sung possesses extraordinary abilities that contribute to his reputation as a formidable hunter. Initially labeled as a notoriously weak E-Rank Hunter, he receives a significant boost after becoming a Player of the System. This unique status grants him the ability to grow in strength without limit.
As a hunter, Jin-Woo specializes in the Mage class, using powerful magic spells in battle. His magical abilities allow him to unleash devastating attacks on his enemies, overpowering them with ease. He possesses exceptional combat instincts and strategic thinking, allowing him to outmaneuver and outwit his opponents.
In addition, Jin-Woo’s time spent grinding in virtual dungeons as part of the system’s quests has honed his combat skills and physical prowess. He becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking on formidable opponents and emerging victorious.


Jin-Woo Sung’s origin is in the anime series “Echo”. Created by the show’s author and creators, his character serves as the main protagonist, driving the narrative forward. Through his journey from weakness to strength, Jin-Woo’s story captivates viewers and demonstrates the power of determination and personal growth.
His character development and evolution contribute to the overarching themes of the series, exploring concepts such as family bonds, self-discovery, and the pursuit of power. Jin-Woo’s origin lies in the creative vision of the anime’s creators, who have created a compelling and dynamic character to engage and entertain audiences.


This information is based on the character profile of Jin-Woo Sung (Echo) from “MyAnimeList.net” and other sources as mentioned.

Jin-Woo Sung – FAQ

Who is Jin-Woo Sung?

Jin-Woo Sung is the protagonist of the novel “Echo”. He is a young and talented musician who becomes the center of a mysterious and supernatural phenomenon.

What is Jin-Woo’s musical background?

Jin-Woo is a classically trained pianist. He began studying the piano at a young age and quickly developed exceptional skills. His musical talent and passion for playing the piano are integral to the story.

What happens to Jin-Woo in “Echo”?

Jin-Woo experiences a series of strange events in “Echo”. He discovers that whenever he plays a certain melody on the piano, time freezes and he is transported to a parallel world. As he delves deeper into this phenomenon, he uncovers hidden truths and faces unexpected challenges.

Is Jin-Woo the only person affected by this mysterious phenomenon?

No, Jin-Woo is not the only one affected. He encounters other individuals who have also experienced the time-freezing phenomenon when exposed to the same melody. Together they try to unravel the mysteries behind the phenomenon and its connection to their lives.

Does Jin-Woo face any obstacles or conflicts in the story?

Yes, Jin-Woo faces numerous obstacles and conflicts throughout the story. He must navigate the complexities of the parallel world he discovers, confront personal dilemmas, and make difficult decisions that have far-reaching consequences.

What themes are explored in “Echo” through Jin-Woo’s character?

“Echo” explores themes of identity, self-discovery, the power of music, and the blurred line between reality and fantasy. Jin-Woo’s journey serves as a metaphorical exploration of these themes as he grapples with his own identity and the nature of the world in which he finds himself.