Original Name (Japanese): キサラ
Romanized Name: Kisara
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Engage Kiss
Age: Unknown (actually a few hundred years old)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: September 30
Blood Type: Unknown


Kisara is a mysterious and enigmatic character in the anime “Engage Kiss”. Although she attends a high school in Bayron City, she is actually a demon, a fact known to only a few. Kisara is portrayed as having strong feelings for the male protagonist, Shuu, and often visits his home. Her true nature and motivations are not fully revealed, adding to the sense of mystery surrounding her character.



information on Kisara is quite limited. It is known that she is several hundred years old, despite her youthful appearance. Her exact origins and the details of her past are not given in the available sources. Her connection to the demon world and her reasons for attending a human high school remain a mystery.

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Kisara is described as having a beautiful and alluring appearance. She is a young woman with long, silver-white hair and piercing blue eyes. Her appearance is often associated with the imagery of a “blue-eyed white dragon,” suggesting a possible connection to this mythical creature. Kisara’s clothing typically consists of a high school uniform, though her true nature as a demon may be concealed by this seemingly mundane appearance.


As a demon, Kisara likely possesses supernatural abilities that are not fully explored in the available information. The sources suggest that her true power and nature are not readily apparent, adding to the sense of mystery surrounding her character. However, the extent and nature of her demonic abilities remain unclear based on the limited information provided.


Kisara’s origins are shrouded in mystery. The available sources do not provide detailed information about her background or the circumstances that led to her presence in the human world, where she attends a high school in Bayron City. Her connection to the demon world and the reasons behind her interactions with the male protagonist, Shuu, are not fully revealed, leaving her character’s origins and motivations as intriguing points of speculation for the audience.

Kisara – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kisara from “Engage Kiss”:

Who is Kisara?

Kisara is one of the main characters of the anime “Engage Kiss”. She is a mysterious woman with a connection to the protagonist, Shu Ogata. Kisara possesses supernatural abilities and is deeply involved in the central conflict of the story.

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What are Kisara’s powers?

Kisara has the ability to manipulate electricity and energy. She can create powerful electric shocks and use her powers offensively. Kisara’s abilities are tied to her unique supernatural nature, which is a key part of the Engage Kiss storyline.

What is Kisara’s role in the story?

Kisara plays a crucial role in the overall story of “Engage Kiss”. She is deeply connected to the main character Shu and the mysterious forces at work in the story. Kisara’s actions and motivations are central to the plot and drive many of the key events that unfold.

What is Kisara’s relationship to Shu?

Kisara and Shu have a complex and important relationship in Engage Kiss. While the exact nature of their connection is not entirely clear at first, it becomes clear that Kisara has a deep bond with Shu that is integral to the story. Their interactions and the development of their relationship is a major focus of the series.

How does Kisara’s character develop throughout the story?

Kisara undergoes significant character development during the events of Engage Kiss. As more is revealed about her powers, background, and role in the overall conflict, Kisara’s motivations, personality, and relationships with other characters grow and change in compelling ways.

What is Kisara’s significance to the main conflict in “Engage Kiss”?

Kisara is intimately connected to the central mystery and conflict that drives the plot of Engage Kiss. Her supernatural abilities, her connection to Shu, and her involvement in the larger struggle are all crucial elements that shape the overarching story and its resolution. Kisara’s role is fundamental to the core narrative of the series.