Leo Tsukinaga

Japanese Name 月永 レオ
Romaji Name Leo Tsukinaga
Nicknames King, Leader
Series Ensemble Stars!
Age 17
Weight 53kg
Height 169cm
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type O

Leo Tsukinaga – The charismatic composer of “Ensemble Stars!

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Leo Tsukinaga, a central character in the popular anime and game series “Ensemble Stars!”, is known for his unique and captivating personality. Despite his youthful age of 17, Leo has a mature and calm demeanor that commands respect from his peers. He is a natural leader and takes on the role of unit leader for the Knights. Leo’s strong sense of responsibility and dedication to his craft make him a reliable and trustworthy figure among his comrades.


Leo Tsukinaga’s background is marked by a passion for music and an unwavering determination to reach the pinnacle of his art. Although he has not attended school since the spring break of his second year, Leo’s absence does not diminish his talent and creativity. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, allowing him to create musical compositions that are recognized as works of genius. Leo’s devotion to his little sister is evident, as he often acts like a chivalrous figure in her presence, hiding his true nature from her.


Leo Tsukinaga’s striking appearance matches his charismatic personality. He has vibrant red hair that complements his piercing green eyes, giving him a distinct and alluring presence. Leo’s fashion sense reflects his artistic nature, often wearing stylish and elegant outfits that capture his individuality. His tall and slender stature, standing at 169cm, adds to his commanding presence and makes him stand out among his peers.


Leo’s primary talent lies in his exceptional musical abilities. As a composer, he has gained attention not only within his own unit, but also from fans around the world. Leo’s compositions are a reflection of his pure and unbridled creativity, showcasing his ability to evoke strong emotions through his music. In addition, Leo possesses improvisational dance skills that showcase his versatility as an artist.


Leo Tsukinaga is from the “Ensemble Stars!” multimedia franchise, which includes an anime series, a mobile game, and various other media. The character of Leo has gained considerable popularity among fans thanks to his complex personality, captivating visuals, and outstanding musical talents. His role as the leader of the “Knights” unit and his deep care for his comrades also contribute to his appeal as a central character in the franchise.

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Leo Tsukinaga – FAQ

Who is Leo Tsukinaga?

Leo Tsukinaga is a fictional character in the multimedia franchise Ensemble Stars! He is one of the main characters of the game and anime series.

What is Leo Tsukinaga’s role in Ensemble Stars!?

Leo Tsukinaga is a member of the idol group called “Knights” in “Ensemble Stars!”. He serves as the leader of the group and is known for his charismatic and confident personality.

What are Leo Tsukinaga’s most notable traits and characteristics?

Leo Tsukinaga is often portrayed as elegant, calm, and sophisticated. He is known for his princely demeanor and his dancing skills. Leo is also popular among fans for his charming and flirtatious nature.

What is Leo Tsukinaga’s background?

Leo Tsukinaga comes from a wealthy family and has a background in classical ballet. He joined the “Knights” to pursue his dream of becoming a top idol. Despite his privileged upbringing, Leo is hardworking and determined to prove himself as an idol.

What is Leo Tsukinaga’s relationship with the other characters in “Ensemble Stars!”?

Leo Tsukinaga has close relationships with other members of the “Knights”, including Izumi Sena, his childhood friend, and Ritsu Sakuma, his roommate. Leo’s interactions with other characters often show his supportive and caring nature.

What are Leo Tsukinaga’s main storylines or arcs in “Ensemble Stars!”?

Leo Tsukinaga’s storylines often revolve around his personal growth, his pursuit of perfection as an idol, and his relationships with other characters. Along the way, he faces various challenges and obstacles that allow him to develop as a character.