Ritsu Sakuma

Original Name (Japanese): 朔間 凛月
Romaji Name: Sakuma Ritsu
Nicknames: Ricchan, Kuma-kun
Series: Ensemble Stars!
Age: 18
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 173 cm
Date of Birth: September 22
Blood Type: A
Club: Tea Club
Unit: knights


Ritsu Sakuma is a third year student at the Yumenosaki Private Academy and a member of the Unit Knights. Described as always sounding sleepy and lazy, he is known to be nocturnal and loves to sleep, and can often be found sleeping anywhere. Ritsu has a rather brusque attitude towards his older brother Rei Sakuma and generally tries to avoid getting involved with people. However, he is very close to his childhood friend Mao Isara, who often takes care of him.


Ritsu had to repeat a year because of excessive lateness and dozing off in class, but he does not seem to mind. He is a member of the Yumenosaki Tea Club. Ritsu’s older brother is Rei Sakuma, also a third year student.

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Ritsu has a pale complexion, red eyes and disheveled dark hair. He is often depicted with a sleepy or bored expression. Ritsu’s school uniform is a bit disheveled, his shirt is untucked and his tie is loosely worn.


Not much is known about Ritsu’s specific abilities, but he is a member of the Knights unit, which is known for its powerful performance skills. Ritsu’s sleepy and lazy personality may hide hidden talents.


Ritsu Sakuma is a character from the multi-media project Ensemble Stars!, which includes an anime adaptation, a manga, and various mobile games. He was created by the game’s developers at Happy Elements.

Ritsu Sakuma – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ritsu Sakuma from “Ensemble Stars!

Who is Ritsu Sakuma?

Ritsu Sakuma is a character from the multimedia project Ensemble Stars! He is a second year student at Yumenosaki Private Academy and a member of the idol unit “Knights”. Ritsu is known for his lazy, sleepy personality and his strong attachment to his older brother Rei.

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What is Ritsu’s role in Knights?

Within the idol unit Knights, Ritsu serves as a sub-leader alongside Izumi Sena. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Ritsu is a talented performer and singer who contributes greatly to the success of Knights. He often clashes with the more serious and hardworking members, but ultimately cares deeply about his unit and works hard when it counts.

What is the relationship between Ritsu and his brother Rei?

Ritsu has a very close, almost codependent relationship with his older brother Rei Sakuma. The two are always together and Ritsu is deeply attached to Rei, relying on him emotionally and physically. This relationship has led to some tension with other characters who feel that Ritsu is too dependent on his brother.

What are Ritsu’s hobbies and interests?

Ritsu likes sleeping, lounging, and spending time with his brother Rei. He also has a fondness for sweet foods and drinks. Despite his lazy personality, Ritsu is shown to be intelligent and perceptive, often making insightful comments that surprise those around him.

How does Ritsu’s personality differ from the other members of Knights?

Ritsu’s laid back, sleepy demeanor contrasts with the more serious and hardworking personalities of the other Knights members like Izumi and Leo. This has led to some conflicts and disagreements within the unit, but Ritsu’s unique personality is an integral part of the Knights’ dynamic.

What is Ritsu’s role in the overall story of “Ensemble Stars!

As a member of one of the main idol units, Ritsu plays an important role in the larger story of Ensemble Stars! His relationship with Rei and his personal growth throughout the story are important plot points that tie into the broader themes and conflicts explored in the series.