Shinobu Sengoku

Original Name (Japanese) 仙石 忍
Romaji Name Sengoku Shinobu
Nicknames RYUSEI Yellow
Series Ensemble Stars!
Age 15
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth June 9
Blood Type Unknown
Club Ninja Association


Shinobu Sengoku is an ambitious but simple-minded and gullible teenager. He has a shy personality and a strong admiration for ninjas, having founded a ninja club all by himself. Shinobu has a tendency to start small fires during training, which causes the instructors to keep an eye on him. Despite his enthusiasm, he doesn’t always make the best use of his own potential.


Shinobu is a member of the broadcast committee and the RYUSEI Yellow unit of the idol group RYUSEITAI. He loves high places and attics, and spends his days training alone to hone his ninja skills.

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Shinobu has a childlike appearance, with a slim build and a youthful face. He has short, dark hair and dark eyes, and often wears a ninja-inspired outfit and mask.


Shinobu is described as athletic, though not particularly intelligent. He is dedicated to training and honing his ninja skills, though his tendency to start fires suggests that he has room for improvement.


Shinobu Sengoku is a character from the Ensemble Stars! multimedia franchise, which includes an anime adaptation, manga, and various other media. He is a member of the idol unit RYUSEITAI, known for their ninja-inspired aesthetics and performances.

Shinobu Sengoku – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Shinobu Sengoku from “Ensemble Stars!

Who is Shinobu Sengoku?

Shinobu Sengoku is a freshman at Yumenosaki Private Academy and a member of the Fine Unit. He is known for his energetic and cheerful personality, as well as his passion for ninja-related hobbies and activities.

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What are Shinobu’s main character traits?

Shinobu is described as very enthusiastic, optimistic, and hardworking. He has a deep interest in ninja culture and often incorporates ninja-themed elements into his daily life. Shinobu is also loyal to his friends and unit members, and is always eager to help and support them.

What is Shinobu’s role in the Fine Unit?

Within the Fine Unit, Shinobu is known for his energetic and flashy performances. He often takes on the role of a “ninja” or “warrior” character, showing off his acrobatic and martial arts skills. Shinobu’s energetic contributions are an important part of Fine’s dynamic and distinctive stage presence.

What are some of Shinobu’s hobbies and interests?

Shinobu’s primary hobby and interest is anything to do with ninjas and ninja culture. He is an avid collector of ninja-themed items such as shuriken, kunai, and other weapons. Shinobu also enjoys practicing martial arts, acrobatics, and other ninja-inspired activities in his spare time.

How does Shinobu interact with the other members of Fine?

Shinobu is known to get along well with the members of the Fine Unit, especially Wataru Hibiki and Eichi Tenshouin. He looks up to Wataru as a mentor figure, and often seeks Eichi’s guidance and support. Shinobu’s positive and enthusiastic attitude helps to foster a strong sense of camaraderie within the unit.

What is Shinobu’s relationship with the main character, Hajime Shino?

Shinobu and Hajime are close friends as they are both first year students at Yumenosaki. Shinobu is very protective of Hajime and often acts as a mentor, helping Hajime with his confidence and ninja-related activities. The two share a strong bond and are often seen supporting each other throughout the story.