Reverie Metherlence

Original Name レヴェリー・メザーランス
Romaji Name Reverī Mezāransu
Nicknames Ren
Series Erementar Gerad
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Reverie Metherlence, also known as Ren, is a character from the anime and manga series “Erementar Gerad”. She has a unique and fascinating personality that adds depth to her role in the story. Ren is portrayed as a strong-willed and determined individual who always strives to protect and support her friends.
Ren’s most notable trait is her caring and compassionate nature. She shows great concern for the welfare of others, often going out of her way to help those in need. Despite her powers and abilities, Ren remains humble and down-to-earth, treating everyone with kindness and respect.
At times, Ren can be quite reserved and introverted, preferring to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. However, as the story progresses, she gradually opens up to those closest to her, revealing a vulnerable side that adds complexity to her character.

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Ren is a noble raider and a direct descendant of the Metherlence bloodline. She is one of the Seven Glittering Jewels, an elite group of noble raiders known for their extraordinary strength. Ren’s lineage and heritage play a significant role in shaping her character and the challenges she faces throughout the series.
As an Edel Raid, Ren possesses unique skills and powers that make her a valuable asset in the ongoing conflicts within the story world. Her background as a member of the Metherlence bloodline establishes her as a pivotal figure within the narrative, with her actions and decisions carrying significant weight.


Ren’s appearance is captivating and distinctive. She has long, flowing hair that falls to her waist, with a prominent lock of hair above her forehead, signifying her elemental Glade. Ren’s design reflects her connection to the wind element, as her hair and clothing often sway as if caught in a gentle breeze.
Her attire consists of a white dress adorned with intricate patterns and a cape-like garment that billows behind her. Ren’s overall appearance exudes elegance and grace, complementing her role as a noble raider of great power and importance.


Ren’s elemental power is wind, which she uses skillfully for defensive purposes. She can create powerful gusts of wind to ward off attacks and protect herself and her allies. In addition, Ren’s Edel Raid form manifests as a massive sword attached to her partner, Coud’s right arm, providing a formidable offensive capability.
One of Ren’s unique abilities is her ability to recharge through sleep. This trait sets her apart from other characters in the series and adds an interesting dynamic to her character development. It also underscores the importance of rest and rejuvenation in maintaining her strength and abilities.


Ren’s origins lie in the rich lore and mythology of the “Erementar Gerad” universe. As a direct descendant of the Metherlence bloodline, she inherits a legacy steeped in power and responsibility. The Metherlence bloodline has a significant place in the story, and Ren’s role as a representative of the lineage contributes to the overarching plot and conflicts.
The intricate details of Ren’s origin are gradually revealed throughout the series, unraveling the complexity of her character and the larger narrative. Her connection to the Edel Raid realm and her role as one of the Seven Glittering Jewels make her an integral part of the story’s mythos.

Reverie Metherlence – FAQ

Who is Reverie Metherlence?

Reverie Metherlence is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Erementar Gerad”. She is a young girl known as an “Edel Raid”, a special race with the ability to bond with humans and give them extraordinary powers.

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What are Reverie’s powers?

Reverie has unique powers as an Edel Raid. She can transform into a powerful weapon known as a “rapier,” which gives her partner enhanced combat abilities. Reverie also has the ability to heal wounds and cleanse contaminated areas.

What is Reverie’s personality like?

Reverie is portrayed as a kindhearted and innocent character. She is often portrayed as naive and curious about the world around her. Despite her gentle nature, Reverie can also be determined and brave when faced with challenges.

What is Reverie’s role in Erementar Gerad?

Reverie plays an important role in the story of Erementar Gerad. As an elven raid, she is a sought-after target due to her immense power and potential. The main protagonist, Coud Van Giruet, becomes her protector and travels with her on an adventure to protect Reverie from those who would exploit her abilities.

Does Reverie have any special relationships?

Yes, Reverie forms a deep bond with her partner, Coud Van Giruet. Their bond is essential to Reverie’s ability to fully utilize her powers. Reverie and Coud share a strong emotional bond, and their relationship evolves throughout the series as they face various challenges together.

Are there any notable moments involving Reverie in Erementar Gerad?

Reverie has several memorable moments throughout the series. One notable event is when she awakens a dormant power within herself, revealing a new form and unlocking even greater abilities. Another significant moment is when Reverie confronts her troubled past and learns to accept herself as an noble raider.