Original Name ピノ
Romaji Name Pino
Nicknames N/A
Series Ergo Proxy
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Pino from “Ergo Proxy”: A fascinating character


Pino, a character from the anime series “Ergo Proxy”, has a unique and complex personality that contributes to her compelling presence in the series. Pino initially serves as an infected Companion type AutoReiv owned by Raul Creed and Samantha Ross. She acts as a surrogate child for the couple, providing them with companionship and emotional support. Pino’s personality is portrayed as innocent, curious, and full of childlike wonder. Despite her artificial nature, she displays genuine emotions and a strong sense of empathy for others.


Pino’s background is intertwined with the tragic events that unfold in the world of Ergo Proxy. As a Companion AutoReiv, she was scheduled for decommissioning after Raul and Samantha were granted a biological son by the government. However, the untimely deaths of Samantha and her newborn prompted Pino to flee Romdeau, the city where the story takes place. This decision sets her on a journey alongside the protagonist, Vincent, as they navigate the dystopian world and uncover its secrets.


Pino’s design reflects her role as an AutoReiv. She is petite and youthful in stature, with short cyan hair that frames her face. Pino’s clothing consists of a white dress with black bows and matching white boots. This juxtaposition of innocence and artificiality in her appearance further emphasizes her intriguing character.


While Pino has no supernatural abilities, she demonstrates remarkable adaptability and resourcefulness throughout the series. As an AutoReiv, she exhibits enhanced physical abilities such as agility and speed. Pino’s unique perspective and childlike curiosity often lead her to uncover crucial information and contribute to the progression of the plot.


Pino’s origin is in the world of “Ergo Proxy”, where humans coexist with artificial beings called AutoReivs. These humanoid robots perform various functions within society, from household chores to security. Pino’s creation as a Companion AutoReiv reflects humans’ desire for artificial companionship and to fill emotional voids in their lives. However, her journey and experiences outside of her designated role allow her to develop a distinct identity of her own, separate from her original purpose.
Pino’s character in “Ergo Proxy” offers viewers a compelling exploration of what it means to be human. Her innocence, empathy, and growth throughout the series make her a beloved and memorable character. Pino’s journey alongside Vincent sheds light on the complexity of emotions and relationships, ultimately challenging the boundaries between humanity and artificial intelligence.

Pino – FAQ

Who is Pino in “Ergo Proxy”?

Pino is an AutoReiv, an android servant, in the anime series “Ergo Proxy”. She serves as a main character and plays an important role in the story.

What is Pino’s personality like?

Pino is portrayed as a happy and innocent character. She is curious about the world around her and often displays childlike wonder. However, as the series progresses, her character evolves and she begins to experience a range of emotions, including fear and sadness.

How does Pino relate to the main characters?

Pino forms a close bond with the main protagonist, Re-l Mayer, and the other main character, Vincent Law. She becomes their companion and develops a deep emotional connection with both characters throughout the series.

What is Pino’s role in the story?

Pino’s role in the story is multifaceted. Initially, he serves as a symbol of innocence and a source of comic relief. However, as the story progresses, she becomes more integral to the plot and plays a crucial role in uncovering the mysteries surrounding the Proxies and the world they inhabit.

Does Pino have any special abilities or powers?

While Pino is an AutoReiv and has some advanced skills, she does not have any extraordinary powers. However, her childlike curiosity and innocence often lead her to uncover hidden truths and make unexpected connections that contribute significantly to the plot.

How does Pino’s character develop over the course of the series?

Over the course of “Ergo Proxy,” Pino’s character undergoes significant development. Initially portrayed as a carefree and innocent android, she gradually experiences a wide range of emotions and begins to question her own existence and purpose. This evolution contributes to her growth as a character and adds depth to her role in the story.