Vincent Law

Original Name: ビンセント・ロウ
Romaji Name: Vincent Law
Nicknames: None
Series: Ergo Proxy
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Vincent Law of “Ergo Proxy”: A Closer Look at a Complex Character


Vincent Law is a multi-faceted character in the anime series “Ergo Proxy”. An immigrant from Mosko, he initially works for Romdo’s AutoReiv Control Division within the Temporary Immigrant Sector FG. Vincent is driven by a desire to become a model citizen, but he struggles to suppress the weight of his traumatic past. Despite his aspirations, he ultimately fails to overcome the burden and flees Romdo. Vincent’s personality is shaped by his experiences and the events that unfold throughout the series.


Vincent Law’s background is marked by a series of challenges and hardships. A native of Mosko, he immigrates to Romdo to work for the AutoReiv Control Division. However, his plans are disrupted when Monad, an entity awakened in Romdo, changes the course of his life. Vincent is forced to flee Romdo on trumped-up charges, setting in motion a journey of self-discovery and survival.


In terms of appearance, Vincent Law embodies a distinct visual style. He is portrayed as a young man with light skin, short black hair, and piercing blue eyes. Vincent’s clothing often consists of a black suit, reflecting his professional role within Romdo. His physical appearance, combined with his troubled expression, adds to the air of mystery and complexity surrounding his character.


Vincent Law possesses a number of abilities that contribute to his role and development in the series. While initially working in the AutoReiv Control Division, his journey leads him to confront the truth about his own identity and the nature of the world he inhabits. Vincent demonstrates resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness as he navigates through various challenges and encounters. These abilities, coupled with his determination, allow him to gradually unravel the mysteries surrounding his existence.


Vincent Law’s origins are intertwined with the overarching narrative of Ergo Proxy. He is revealed to be a personality created after Ergo Proxy, a powerful entity, gave his memories to the memory keeper known as Amnesia. This connection to Ergo Proxy and the circumstances surrounding his creation contribute to Vincent’s complex and enigmatic nature. As the series progresses, the origins of both Vincent Law and Ergo Proxy become increasingly intertwined, leading to a deeper exploration of existential themes.
Vincent Law’s character in “Ergo Proxy” offers a compelling and thought-provoking portrayal of an individual struggling with identity, trauma, and the search for meaning. His personality, background, appearance, abilities, and heritage all play a crucial role in shaping his journey throughout the series. As viewers delve into the intricacies of Vincent’s character, they are invited to consider the profound questions raised by the narrative, making “Ergo Proxy” a compelling exploration of the human condition.

Vincent Law – FAQ

Who is Vincent Law?

Vincent Law is the main character of the anime series “Ergo Proxy”. He is initially introduced as an AutoReiv technician working in the city of Romdo, a domed city that serves as a sanctuary for humans in a post-apocalyptic world.

What is Vincent Law’s role in “Ergo Proxy”?

Vincent Law’s role in “Ergo Proxy” is central to the show’s storyline. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery and identity as he becomes entangled in a complex web of conspiracies and mysteries surrounding the city of Romdo and the truth about the world outside.

What is Vincent Law’s relationship to the character of Re-L Mayer?

Vincent Law develops a complex relationship with Re-L Mayer, a young inspector in Romdo. Initially, he serves as Re-L’s companion and protector during her journey outside the city, and their bond evolves throughout the series, with romantic undertones and a shared goal of uncovering the truth.

What is Vincent Law’s connection to the Proxy beings?

Vincent Law’s connection to the Proxy beings is a central mystery of the series. It is eventually revealed that Vincent himself is a Proxy, an artificial being created by the original humans to maintain balance in the world. His true nature and purpose are gradually revealed as the story unfolds.

What are Vincent Law’s motivations and goals?

Vincent Law’s motivations and goals evolve throughout the series. Initially driven by a desire to fit in and be accepted by society, his journey leads him to question the nature of his existence and search for his true identity. He also becomes determined to uncover the secrets of Romdo and the truth about the world.

How does Vincent Law’s character develop throughout the series?

Vincent Law undergoes significant character development throughout Ergo Proxy. As he grapples with his identity, he becomes more self-aware and gains a deeper understanding of the world around him. He evolves from a shy and insecure individual to a more confident and determined protagonist willing to challenge the status quo.