Lyon Vastia

Original Name リオン・バスティア
Romaji Name Rion Basutia
Nicknames Reitei
Series Fairy Tail
Age 26
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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A Comprehensive Character Analysis from “Fairy Tale


Lyon Vastia, a character from the popular anime and manga series “Fairy Tail,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. He is known for his determination, ambition, and competitive nature. Lyon is driven by his desire to outdo his mentor, Ur, whom he greatly admires. This determination often leads him into intense rivalries, especially with Gray Fullbuster, another prominent character in the series.


Lyon’s background reveals a significant influence on his character development. A former student of Ur, Lyon was trained in the art of ice magic from a young age, much like Gray. His admiration for Ur and his desire to surpass it fueled his dedication to mastering ice magic. Lyon’s path took a tragic turn when Ur sacrificed her life to protect Gray from the demon Deliora, leaving Lyon with a deep sense of resentment toward Gray.


Lyon Vastia’s appearance is distinctive and memorable. He is tall and well-built, with silver hair and piercing blue eyes. Lyon is often seen wearing a dark blue outfit with a white fur collar, emphasizing his association with ice magic. His overall appearance exudes a sense of confidence and determination.


Lyon is an ice mage who specializes in the use of ice magic. He is exceptionally skilled in this form of magic, which allows him to create ice sculptures in the form of animals that can move and attack. Lyon’s unique style of one-handed ice magic sets him apart from Gray, who uses a two-handed approach. While Lyon’s technique is faster, it is also less reliable than Gray’s. Lyon’s skills evolve throughout the series, especially when he joins the Lamia Scale Guild and incorporates a two-handed style in combat.

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Lyon Vastia’s origins can be traced back to his association with the character Ur. As her former student, Lyon was deeply influenced by her teachings and sought to surpass her in skill and power. His journey led him to become a member of the Lamia Scale Guild, where he continued to hone his ice magic skills and engage in various missions and battles alongside his guildmates. Lyon’s rivalry with Gray Fullbuster further shaped his character and provided significant growth opportunities throughout the series.

Lyon Vastia – FAQ

Who is Lyon Vastia in “Fairy Tail”?

Lyon Vastia is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Fairy Tail”. He is an ice mage and a former member of the Lamia Scale Guild. Lyon is known for his rivalry with Gray Fullbuster, as they both trained under the same ice mage, Ur.

What are Lyon Vastia’s magical abilities?

Lyon is an ice mage and has the ability to manipulate and control ice. He can create various ice-based attacks such as ice spears, ice walls, and ice shields. Lyon is particularly adept at ice magic, which allows him to shape ice into various objects and weapons.

What is Lyon’s role in the story of Fairy Tail?

Lyon initially appears as one of the main antagonists in the Galuna Island arc, where he seeks the power of the Moon Drip to revive the frozen Deliora, the demon that destroyed his village. However, Lyon later becomes an ally and joins forces with the Fairy Tail Guild to defeat common enemies. He often participates in various missions and battles alongside other members of Fairy Tail.

What is Lyon Vastia’s relationship to Gray Fullbuster?

Lyon and Gray have a complicated relationship. They both trained under the same mentor, Ur, and developed a rivalry from their shared past. Lyon initially harbored resentment toward Gray for being chosen as Ur’s apprentice, but he eventually realizes the error of his ways and attempts to rebuild their friendship. Though they still have their moments of rivalry, Lyon and Gray eventually become allies, working together to protect their guild and their friends.

Does Lyon Vastia have any significant accomplishments in the series?

Throughout the series, Lyon demonstrates his skill and determination as a mage. He plays a pivotal role in the battle against Oración Seis, one of the Dark Guilds, where he fights alongside Gray and the other members of Fairy Tail. Lyon’s skills are also instrumental in protecting and defending his guild, Lamia Scale, from various threats. Lyon also participates in the Grand Magic Games, a major tournament in the series, where he showcases his magical skills.

Does Lyon Vastia have a romantic interest in the series?

Yes, Lyon develops a romantic interest in Juvia Lockser, a member of Fairy Tail. Lyon’s infatuation with Juvia initially stems from her resemblance to his former mentor, Ur. However, Juvia’s affections are primarily for Gray, creating a love triangle dynamic between the three characters.