Japanese Name ゼレフ
Romaji Name Zeref
Nicknames The Black Mage
Series Fairy Tail
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


The legendary dark magician from Fairy Tale


Zeref, also known as “The Black Mage”, is portrayed as one of the darkest and most evil characters in the Fairy Tail series. He is a master of the Black Arts and has the reputation of being the strongest and most vicious magician in history. Despite his immense power, Zeref is plagued by a curse that causes death and destruction to surround him. This curse has taken its toll on his mind, leading to the development of a split personality. One side of him is kind and caring, while the other believes that humans are unworthy of life due to their repeated mistakes and wars.


Zeref lived over 400 years ago and is considered a wizard of genius. He was driven by the desire to explore and discover new magic, regardless of the consequences. Zeref’s tragic past includes the death of his parents and little brother at the hands of dragons. This loss fueled his ambition to resurrect his brother and led him to study magic at the Mildian Magic Academy. However, his pursuit of forbidden knowledge and the creation of demons led to his being cursed by Ankhseram, the god of life and death. Zeref’s immortality and the Curse of Contradiction, which causes death to those around him, have become defining aspects of his existence.


Zeref’s appearance reflects his dark and mysterious nature. He has long, flowing black hair and piercing black eyes. He is often depicted wearing a black, high-collared cloak with intricate designs and dark clothing. Zeref’s overall aesthetic matches his reputation as a formidable and enigmatic mage.


Zeref possesses incredibly deadly and destructive magic, making him one of the most powerful mages in the Fairy Tail series. He is skilled in the use of the Black Arts and Death Magic. Zeref’s magical abilities extend to the creation of demons through his living magic. These demons roam the earth, leaving destruction in their wake. He is also known for his mastery of death magic, which gives him control over life and death itself. Despite his immense power, Zeref’s abilities are often entwined with tragedy, bringing misery to those around him.


Zeref’s origin story is intertwined with his quest for forbidden knowledge and his desire to resurrect his deceased brother. His actions and experiments led to the creation of demons and his own immortality. Throughout the series, Zeref’s influence extends beyond his personal story, as he becomes the leader of the Alvarez Empire and forms the Spriggan 12, an elite group of powerful magicians. Zeref’s legacy as the most evil mage in history and his role as both antagonist and anti-hero contribute to Fairy Tail’s complex and compelling narrative.

Zeref – FAQ

Who is Zeref in “Fairy Tail”?

Zeref is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Fairy Tail”. He is one of the main antagonists in the series and is known as the Black Sorcerer. Zeref is a powerful magician with the ability to manipulate and control dark magic.

What are Zeref’s powers and abilities?

Zeref possesses a number of powerful magical abilities. His most notable power is his control over the “Black Arts,” a form of dark magic that allows him to manipulate life energy and control death. Zeref can also summon demons and creatures to do his bidding, and has a vast knowledge of ancient and forbidden magic.

What is Zeref’s backstory?

Zeref’s backstory is an important part of the Fairy Tale series. He was once a prodigious and talented magician who sought the power to revive the dead. However, his experiments resulted in the creation of a powerful and destructive magic known as “Ankhseram Black Magic”. This curse caused Zeref’s powers to become uncontrollable, leading him to accidentally kill those around him, including his loved ones.

Why does Zeref want to kill Natsu?

Zeref’s desire to kill Natsu, the main protagonist of “Fairy Tail,” stems from their complicated relationship. Natsu is Zeref’s younger brother, and Zeref believes that killing him is the only way to end the curse of immortality that plagues him. Zeref sees Natsu as his only hope for salvation from the curse, and believes that by killing him, he can finally find peace.

Does Zeref have any redeeming qualities?

Although he is portrayed as the antagonist for much of the series, Zeref does have some redeeming qualities. He is a complex character who struggles with his own inner demons and desires. Zeref deeply regrets his actions and the pain he has caused, and he genuinely seeks a way to end the cycle of death and destruction that surrounds him.

What is Zeref’s relationship with Mavis?

Zeref and Mavis Vermillion, the founder of the Fairy Tail Guild, have a complicated and tragic relationship. They were once in love and were cursed as a result. The curse left Mavis trapped in a state of immortality, while Zeref was cursed with uncontrollable powers of darkness. Despite their love, their relationship is marked by tragedy and conflict as they are destined to be opposing forces.