Illyasviel von Einzbern

Original Name イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン
Romaji Name Illyasviel von Einzbern
Nicknames Illya
Series Fate/stay night
Age Varies depending on the route and adaptation
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Illyasviel of Einzbern: The enigmatic heroine of Fate/stay night


Illyasviel von Einzbern, often referred to as Illya, possesses a complex and multifaceted personality. While initially portrayed as innocent and gentle, her experiences throughout the Fate/stay night series shape her into a resilient and determined young woman. Illya is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, especially her adoptive family and close friends. She has a strong sense of justice and is willing to put herself in danger to protect others. Despite her tragic upbringing and the burdens placed upon her, Illya maintains a hopeful and optimistic outlook on life.


Illya comes from the Einzbern family, a prestigious and ancient line of magicians. She is the daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel of Einzbern, conceived as part of the Einzberns’ plan to win the Holy Grail War. However, her parents’ love for her led them to abandon the family’s ambitions in favor of her well-being. As a result, Illya grew up in a secluded castle, shielded from the harsh realities of the magical world.


Illya has a delicate and angelic appearance, characterized by her long white-blonde hair and bright red eyes. She is often seen wearing a variety of outfits, from elegant gowns to her magical girl attire in the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya spin-off series. Despite her youthful appearance, Illya’s true age is much older due to her unique heritage as a homunculus.


Illya is a formidable mage with extraordinary magical abilities. She is skilled in various forms of magecraft, particularly the use of powerful elemental spells such as fire and lightning. In addition, Illya serves as the master of the Berserker class of servants in the Fate/stay night series, demonstrating her ability to forge strong contracts with powerful heroic spirits. Her fighting skills and strategic thinking make her a formidable opponent in battle.


Illya’s character originated in the visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night. Created by Type-Moon, Fate/stay night is a complex narrative that explores the concept of the Holy Grail War, a battle royale between magicians and the heroic spirits they summon. Illya’s role in the story evolves through different paths and adaptations, showing her growth as a character and her importance to the overarching plot.

Illyasviel of Einzbern – FAQ

Who is Illyasviel von Einzbern in “Fate/stay night”?

Illyasviel von Einzbern is a fictional character from the visual novel and anime series “Fate/stay night”. She is a young girl and one of the main characters of the story.

What is Illyasviel’s role in the Fate/stay night series?

Illyasviel plays a major role in the series as a master in the Holy Grail War, a battle between mages and the heroic spirits they summon. She is a member of the Einzbern family, one of the three families involved in the war.

What are Illyasviel’s powers and abilities?

Illyasviel possesses powerful magical abilities inherited from her bloodline. She is skilled in sorcery and has the ability to summon and command servants, heroic spirits from history and mythology, to fight on her behalf in the Holy Grail War.

What is Illyasviel’s relationship to the other characters in Fate/stay night?

Illyasviel is the daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel of Einzbern. She has a complex relationship with the protagonist, Shirou Emiya, as they share a deep connection through their fathers. Illyasviel also forms bonds with other characters in the series, including Rin Tohsaka and Saber.

What is the significance of Illyasviel’s character in the story of Fate/stay night?

Illyasviel’s character serves as a catalyst for exploring themes of family, sacrifice, and the consequences of the pursuit of power. Her presence adds emotional depth and complexity to the narrative, and influences the decisions and actions of other characters.

Does Illyasviel undergo character development throughout the series?

Yes, Illyasviel undergoes significant character development throughout the Fate/stay night series. Her experiences in the Holy Grail War and her relationships with other characters shape her perspective and lead to personal growth, challenging her initial beliefs and motivations.