Kotoka Hatsushima

Original Name (Japanese): 初島 言花
Romaji Name: Hatsushima Kotoka
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Fetiple
Age: 23
Height: 152 cm
Date of Birth: March 20
Blood Type: B
Profession: Writer
Fetish: Backs
Favorite Foods: Red bean jam, alcohol, smoked foods


Kotoka Hatsushima is a 23-year-old writer with a unique quirk – she has an intense fetish for backs. She is described as a charming and vivacious individual who is passionate about her work. Kotoka is also known to indulge in alcohol and smoked foods, which seem to be among her favorite things.


Not much is known about Kotoka’s background, other than the fact that she is named after her mother. She works as a writer, though the specifics of her writing career are unclear.

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Kotoka has a petite build, standing 152 cm tall. She has long, wavy hair and a youthful, attractive appearance that complements her bubbly personality.


As a writer, Kotoka likely possesses strong communication and creative skills. However, her most notable “ability” seems to be her unique fetish for backs, which plays a significant role in her character and relationships.


Kotoka Hatsushima is the female protagonist of the “Fetiple” series. Beyond that, her exact origin or the context of the story in which she appears is not clearly specified in the available information.

Kotoka Hatsushima – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kotoka Hatsushima from “Fetiple”:

Who is Kotoka Hatsushima?

Kotoka Hatsushima is the protagonist of the anime series “Fetiple”. She is a young woman living in the fictional city of Fetiple, which is located in Japan. Kotoka is known for her kind and compassionate nature, as well as her strong sense of justice and determination to help others.

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What are Kotoka’s special powers?

Kotoka has the ability to control and manipulate the elements, specifically fire, water, and earth. She uses these powers to protect her town and its people from various threats and supernatural forces. Kotoka has also been shown to have enhanced agility, reflexes, and combat skills, which she often uses in battle.

What is Kotoka’s role in the story of Fetiple?

As the protagonist, Kotoka is at the center of the events that unfold in Fetiple. She is tasked with protecting her town and its people from the forces of darkness that threaten to overwhelm them. Throughout the series, Kotoka faces many challenges and obstacles, but she remains steadfast in her determination to keep her community safe.

What is Kotoka’s relationship to the other main characters in “Fetiple”?

Kotoka has close relationships with several other characters in the series, including her best friend Mei, her mentor Takeshi, and the mysterious warrior Ryu. She often works closely with these characters to combat the threats facing Fetiple, and their interactions are a central part of the show’s narrative.

How does Kotoka’s character develop throughout the series?

Throughout the events of Fetiple, Kotoka undergoes significant personal growth and development. She begins as a young, somewhat naive woman, but as she faces increasingly difficult challenges, she becomes more confident, resilient, and capable of handling the responsibilities that come with being the protector of her city. Her character arc is a central focus of the series.

What is the significance of Kotoka’s role in the larger world of “Fetiple”?

Kotoka’s actions and choices in Fetiple have far-reaching implications for the fate of the city and the larger world beyond. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Kotoka’s abilities and the challenges she faces are part of a much larger, more complex narrative involving powerful supernatural forces and the future of the world itself. As such, Kotoka’s role as the protagonist is crucial to the overall story and outcome of the series.