Cloud Strife

Original Name クラウド・ストライフ
Romaji Name Kuraudo Sutoraifu
Nicknames Spiky
Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Age 23
Weight Unknown
Height 5′ 7″ (173 cm)
Date of Birth August 11 or August 19
Blood Type AB



The enigmatic hero of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


Cloud Strife, the iconic protagonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, is a complex and enigmatic character. Initially portrayed as cold and distant, Cloud gradually evolves into a strong and compassionate leader as the story unfolds. Despite his troubled past and inner turmoil, he displays unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Cloud’s journey is one of self-discovery and the search for his true identity, making him a compelling and relatable hero.


Cloud Strife’s background is intertwined with the rich lore of the Final Fantasy VII universe. Formerly a member of SOLDIER, an elite group of super soldiers, Cloud later becomes a mercenary for hire in the city of Midgar after defecting from the powerful Shinra Corporation. His past is haunted by the tragic death of his friend and mentor, Zack Fair, which deeply affects his psyche and memories. Throughout the story, Cloud confronts his past, gradually uncovering the truth about his origins and reclaiming his sense of self.


Cloud’s appearance is instantly recognizable and iconic. He is depicted as a young man with striking, spiky blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He stands 5’7″ (173 cm) tall and has a slender yet muscular build. His attire consists of a distinctive black outfit adorned with silver pouches and belts, complemented by a large, iconic Buster Sword strapped to his back. Cloud’s stylish and memorable design has become synonymous with the Final Fantasy franchise and is a visual representation of his character’s strength and determination.


As a former member of SOLDIER, Cloud Strife possesses exceptional combat skills and is a formidable swordsman. He wields his signature weapon, the Buster Sword, with incredible skill and is capable of delivering devastating blows to his opponents. Cloud’s combat prowess is further enhanced by his mastery of various magical abilities known as Materia. These abilities allow him to cast powerful spells, summon creatures, and use a variety of skills to overcome his enemies. With his combination of physical prowess and magical aptitude, Cloud is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Cloud Strife’s origin story is deeply intertwined with the events of Final Fantasy VII. Born in Nibelheim, he grows up dreaming of becoming a hero and joining the SOLDIER. However, his path takes a tragic turn when he fails to live up to his ambitions and is overwhelmed by the events surrounding the Nibelheim Incident. Manipulated by the villainous Sephiroth and affected by the injection of Jenova cells, Cloud’s memories become fragmented, leading to a crisis of identity. His journey in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children revolves around reclaiming his true self and finding redemption.
In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud Strife emerges as a compelling and multi-dimensional character. His evolution from a troubled mercenary to a heroic figure exemplifies the themes of self-discovery and redemption. With his iconic design, captivating personality, and impressive abilities, Cloud continues to captivate fans and remains a beloved symbol of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Cloud Strife – FAQ

Who is Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He is a former member of SOLDIER, an elite military unit, and is now a mercenary working for the anti-Shinra organization known as AVALANCHE.

What are Cloud Strife’s skills and abilities?

Known for his exceptional swordsmanship, Cloud Strife wields a massive sword called the Buster Sword. He has enhanced strength, agility, and endurance due to his exposure to Mako energy. Cloud can also perform powerful magical attacks called Limit Breaks, which are unique abilities triggered during combat.

What is Cloud’s role in the story of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

In the story, Cloud Strife plays a central role as the leader of a group called the Strife Delivery Service. His mission is to protect the world from a new threat called Geostigma, a disease that afflicts the people of Midgar. Cloud’s personal journey includes overcoming his guilt and self-doubt while defending his loved ones.

What is Cloud’s relationship to the other characters in the game?

Cloud has complex relationships with several characters in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He has a close bond with Tifa Lockhart, his childhood friend and love interest, as they both care for the children affected by Geostigma. Cloud also has a strained relationship with his nemesis, Sephiroth, who serves as the main antagonist of the game.

How does Cloud Strife look different from the original game?

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud Strife’s appearance has changed slightly from his original design in the game. He now has a more realistic and detailed look, with spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and a more mature appearance. He wears a mostly black outfit with a sleeveless turtleneck and a long flowing coat.

Can you give us some background on Cloud’s story?

Cloud Strife’s backstory is revealed in the original Final Fantasy VII. He grew up in the city of Nibelheim and aspired to join the prestigious SOLDIER military unit. However, Cloud failed to qualify and instead became a regular Shinra infantryman. After a traumatic event, he assumes the identity of his deceased friend, Zack Fair, and eventually becomes involved in the battle against the Shinra Corporation and the villainous Sephiroth.