Mamimi Samejima

Original Name 鮫島 マミ美
Romaji Name Samejima Mamimi
Nicknames Ta-kun, Takkun
Series FLCL
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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A complex character from FLCL


Mamimi Samejima, a character from the anime series FLCL, has a complex and intriguing personality. She is portrayed as a high school truant with a penchant for pyromania and a perpetual chain smoker. Mamimi is often portrayed as lonely and depressed, seeking solace in her own world. She has a peculiar tendency to affectionately refer to people and objects as “Ta-kun” or “Takkun,” a nickname she used for Naota’s older brother.


Mamimi’s background is shrouded in mystery and complexity. She was initially in a relationship with Tasuku, Naota’s brother, but after he left Japan, she began to pursue Naota. Mamimi’s fascination with fire is said to stem from Tasuku rescuing her from a fire at her elementary school, although there are hints that she may have started the fire herself. Throughout the series, Mamimi struggles to distinguish between fantasy and reality, often blurring the lines between the two.


In terms of appearance, Mamimi Samejima is portrayed as a 17-year-old high school student. She has disheveled, long brown hair and is often seen wearing a school uniform. Mamimi is often shown holding a camera, capturing moments from her unique perspective. Her overall appearance reflects her rebellious and somewhat aloof nature.


Although Mamimi has no supernatural abilities, her character is portrayed as having a strong emotional impact on the plot. She is portrayed as having little control over her life and often relies on others, especially Naota, for emotional support. Mamimi’s actions and interactions with other characters drive the narrative forward, leading to significant consequences for herself and those around her.

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Mamimi Samejima originated in the world of FLCL, an anime series known for its surreal and chaotic storytelling. Created by Kazuya Tsurumaki and produced by Gainax, FLCL explores themes of adolescence, identity, and the complexity of human relationships. Mamimi’s character serves as a catalyst for the events that unfold throughout the series, adding depth and emotional resonance to the overall narrative.

Mamimi Samejima – FAQ

Who is Mamimi Samejima?

Mamimi Samejima is a character from the anime series “FLCL” (Fooly Cooly). She is a teenage girl who lives in Mabase, a fictional town in Japan.

What is Mamimi’s role in “FLCL”?

Mamimi is one of the main supporting characters in FLCL. She plays an important role in the story as the ex-girlfriend of Tasuku, the older brother of the protagonist, Naota. Mamimi often seeks solace and attention from Naota, leading to complicated relationships and emotional conflicts.

What is Mamimi’s personality like?

Mamimi is portrayed as a somewhat eccentric and troubled character. She is often seen as detached from reality and lost in her own world. Mamimi has a mischievous and somewhat manipulative nature, as she enjoys teasing and playing mind games with Naota. She also has a fondness for fire and is often seen smoking cigarettes.

How does Mamimi contribute to the plot of FLCL?

Mamimi’s presence in the story serves as a catalyst for Naota’s personal growth and self-discovery. Her interactions with Naota and her involvement in the bizarre events surrounding the emergence of Medical Mechanica’s robots help drive the narrative forward and bring out various themes such as adolescence, identity, and emotional turmoil.

What is the relationship between Mamimi and Naota?

Mamimi has a complicated relationship with Naota. She sees him as a source of comfort and attention, and often uses him to fill the void left by her ex-boyfriend, Tasuku. Mamimi’s interactions with Naota are a mix of affection, manipulation, and emotional dependency, creating a dynamic that evolves throughout the series.

Does Mamimi have any character development in “FLCL”?

Yes, Mamimi undergoes significant character development over the course of FLCL. As the series progresses, she begins to confront her own emotional issues and gradually matures. Mamimi learns to let go of her past and find her own path, ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of herself and her relationships.