Haruka Nanase

Original Name 七瀬 遙
Romaji Name Nanase Haruka
Nicknames Haru
Series Free!
Age 11th grader
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Date of Birth June 30
Blood Type Unknown

Haruka Nanase of “Free! – A closer look

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Haruka Nanase, also known as Haru, is the main protagonist of the anime series “Free!”. He is portrayed as a somewhat detached and quiet individual who often seems aloof and distant. Haru’s reserved nature makes it difficult for him to express his emotions or connect with others on a deep level. He is not particularly sociable and tends to keep to himself, preferring the solitude of swimming. Despite his introverted nature, Haru is deeply passionate about the sport and has an unwavering love for swimming.


Haruka Nanase is an 11th grader at Iwatobi High School. From a young age, Haru developed a strong affinity for swimming, which eventually led him to join the Iwatobi High School swimming team. He formed a close bond with his childhood friend, Makoto Tachibana, who has been by his side throughout their swimming journey. Haru’s love of swimming stems from the freedom and tranquility he experiences in the water, and it becomes a defining aspect of his life.


Haruka Nanase has a distinctive appearance, characterized by his tall and lean physique. Standing at 175 cm (5’9″) and weighing 63 kg (139 lbs), Haru has an athletic build that complements his swimming skills. He has short black hair and piercing blue eyes that often reflect his calm and focused demeanor. Haru’s physical appearance embodies the image of a dedicated and skilled swimmer.


Haruka Nanase is known for his exceptional freestyle swimming skills. His swimming style has been described as strong and calm, which captures the attention of those who witness it. Haru’s technique and speed make him a formidable competitor in the pool. His fixation on freestyle swimming has led him to specialize in this particular stroke, and he has become highly proficient in it. Haru’s dedication and natural talent contribute to his success as a freestyle swimmer.


Haruka Nanase’s story unfolds in the anime series “Free!” and its subsequent seasons. The character was created by Kōji Ōji and illustrated by Futoshi Nishiya. Haru’s journey revolves around his growth as a swimmer, his relationships with his friends and teammates, and his pursuit of personal fulfillment through swimming. The series explores Haru’s passion for the sport and the challenges he faces in his quest for excellence.

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Haruka Nanase – FAQ

Who is Haruka Nanase?

Haruka Nanase is a fictional character from the anime series “Free! He is one of the main characters and a competitive swimmer.

What are Haruka Nanase’s special characteristics?

Haruka Nanase is known for his stoic and calm demeanor. He has a deep passion for swimming and possesses exceptional talent in the water. He is often seen wearing his signature blue swim trunks.

What is Haruka Nanase’s swimming style?

Haruka specializes in freestyle swimming. He is especially skilled in the 100m and 200m freestyle events.

What is Haruka Nanase’s personality like?

Haruka is generally introverted and quiet, often expressing himself through his actions rather than words. He is very dedicated to swimming and finds solace in the water. He is also known for his strong sense of friendship and loyalty to his teammates.

Is Haruka Nanase competitive?

Yes, Haruka is very competitive and strives for success in swimming. He is driven by his love for the sport and constantly strives to improve his skills. However, he also values the joy of swimming for its own sake and sometimes finds it difficult to balance his competitive nature with his pure enjoyment of being in the water.

What is Haruka Nanase’s relationship like with his friends?

Haruka shares a close bond with his friends and teammates Makoto, Nagisa and Rei. They have been friends since childhood and form a tight-knit group. They support and encourage each other both in and out of the pool, and their friendship plays a major role in the series.