Momotarou Mikoshiba

Original Name 御子柴 百太郎
Romaji Name Momotarou Mikoshiba
Nicknames Momo
Series Free! Eternal Summer
Age 15-16
Weight 59 kg / 130 lbs
Height 172 cm / 5’8″
Date of Birth December 6th
Blood Type Unknown


Momotarou Mikoshiba, a character from “Free! Eternal Summer,” is known for his lively and cheerful personality. He has a happy-go-lucky temperament and enjoys the company of others, especially girls. Momotarou shares many similarities with his older brother, Seijuro Mikoshiba, both in terms of swimming and their playful nature. He has a positive outlook on life and often brings a lively energy to the group.

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Momotarou Mikoshiba is a supporting character in the anime series “Free! Eternal Summer. He is the younger brother of Seijuro Mikoshiba and Isuzu Mikoshiba. Momotarou is a second year high school student at the Samezuka Academy and specializes in backstroke swimming. He is known as the “fearsome new face” among his peers, indicating his talent and potential in the swimming world.


Momotarou Mikoshiba has a youthful and athletic appearance. He stands 172 cm (approximately 5’8″) tall and has a slender build. His bright red hair is messy and tousled, complementing his energetic personality. Momotarou’s eyes are a bright blue, reflecting his lively spirit. He is often seen wearing the Samezuka Academy swim team uniform or casual clothes.


A swimmer specializing in the backstroke, Momotarou Mikoshiba demonstrates exceptional skill and technique in the water. He claims to have won numerous races during his middle school years, earning him a reputation as a formidable competitor. Momotarou’s dedication to swimming and his natural talent make him a valuable asset to the Samezuka Academy swim team. His strong work ethic and determination contribute to his continued improvement and growth as a swimmer.


Momotarou Mikoshiba’s character comes from the anime series “Free! Eternal Summer”. Created by Hiroko Utsumi, the series follows the story of a group of high school boys who are passionate about swimming. Momotarou’s character provides a dynamic and energetic presence to the storyline, depicting the challenges and triumphs of competitive swimming. His interactions with the other characters and his personal journey contribute to the overall story of friendship, teamwork, and self-discovery in the world of swimming.
Please note that the above information is based on the characters in “Free! Eternal Summer” and may contain spoilers for those who have not seen the series.

Momotarou Mikoshiba – FAQ

Who is Momotarou Mikoshiba in “Free! Eternal Summer”?

Momotarou Mikoshiba is a character in the anime “Free! Eternal Summer”. He is a member of the Iwatobi High School swim team and a freestyle swimmer.

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What is Momotarou Mikoshiba’s personality like?

Momotarou Mikoshiba is known for his energetic and playful personality. He is often seen as the comic relief character in the series, bringing a light-hearted and cheerful atmosphere to the team.

What are Momotarou Mikoshiba’s swimming skills?

Momotarou Mikoshiba is an accomplished freestyle swimmer who specializes in sprint events. He has impressive speed and agility in the water and contributes to the team’s relays and individual races.

How does Momotarou Mikoshiba interact with other characters?

Momotarou Mikoshiba has a friendly and outgoing nature that allows him to get along well with his teammates. He often engages in playful banter and enjoys spending time with his friends, adding a sense of camaraderie to the group.

What is Momotarou Mikoshiba’s role on the Iwatobi High School swim team?

Momotarou Mikoshiba is a key member of the Iwatobi High School swim team. He competes as a freestyle swimmer and contributes to the team’s performance in relay events, showing his speed and skill in the water.

Does Momotarou Mikoshiba have any unique characteristics or quirks?

Momotarou Mikoshiba is often recognized by his distinctive shark-like teeth, which he proudly displays. He also has a fascination with marine life, and often incorporates references to aquatic creatures into his conversations and actions.