Hiroshi Kano

Original Name 叶ヒロシ
Romaji Name Kano Hiroshi
Nicknames “The Phantom Killer”
Series Freesia
Age Unknown
Weight 70 kg
Height 179 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Hiroshi Kano, also known as “The Phantom Killer”, is a complex and fascinating character. He shows signs of schizophrenia, often talks to a woman no one else can see, and complains about a phone no one else can hear. Despite these idiosyncrasies, Kano-san has managed to survive in war-torn Japan thanks to his “sixth sense,” which allows him to avoid danger most of the time.


Hiroshi Kano’s background is not explicitly detailed, but it is known that he lives in a future Japan where the government has passed the Vengeance Act. This law allows vengeful victims to attempt to kill the criminals who have wronged them, or to hire a proxy to do the job. Unemployed, Kano-san finds work at a proxy enforcement agency.

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Hiroshi Kano is described as a tall and slender individual, standing at 179 cm and weighing 70 kg. He has a distinctive appearance, with black hair and glasses that add to his mysterious and intriguing persona.


Kano-san’s primary ability is his “sixth sense,” which allows him to usually avoid danger and survive in the war-torn environment of future Japan. This unique ability seems to be central to his character and contributes to his success in navigating the complex and dangerous world he inhabits.


Hiroshi Kano is a character from the manga series “Freesia,” which explores themes of violence, revenge, and the human condition in a dystopian future. He is a complex and enigmatic figure whose schizophrenic tendencies and “sixth sense” make him a compelling and intriguing character within the series.

Hiroshi Kano – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hiroshi Kano from the manga “Freesia”:

Who is Hiroshi Kano?

Hiroshi Kano is the main character of the manga “Freesia”. He is a former member of the Yakuza who became a freelance assassin after leaving the organization. Kano is known for his exceptional martial arts skills and his cold, ruthless demeanor.

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What is Kano’s background?

Kano was born into a Yakuza family and joined the organization at a young age. He quickly rose through the ranks due to his martial arts skills, eventually becoming a high-ranking member. However, Kano eventually became disillusioned with the yakuza lifestyle and left the organization to become a freelance assassin.

What are Kano’s special skills?

Kano is an exceptionally skilled fighter, trained in various martial arts and weapons techniques. He is known for his lightning reflexes, precision, and ruthless efficiency in combat. Kano is also highly intelligent and strategic, capable of planning and executing complex assassinations.

What is Kano’s relationship to other characters in the series?

Kano has a complex web of relationships with the other characters in Freesia. He has a contentious but sometimes cooperative relationship with his former yakuza associates. Kano also forms an unlikely bond with a young woman named Youko, who becomes his partner in some of his assassination jobs.

How does Kano’s past shape his motivations and actions?

Kano’s experiences in the Yakuza have left him with a cynical and jaded outlook on life. He is driven by a desire for personal freedom and a sense of justice, though his methods are often morally ambiguous. Kano’s past also haunts him, leading to internal conflicts and struggles throughout the series.

What is Kano’s ultimate goal?

Kano’s ultimate goal is never explicitly stated, but it is implied that he seeks some form of redemption or reconciliation for his past actions as a yakuza member. He struggles with the moral consequences of his work as an assassin and ultimately seeks to break free from the cycle of violence that has defined his life.