Rana Linchen

Original Name ラナリンチェン
Romaji Name Rana Linchen
Nicknames Country Girl
Series Freezing
Age Above 17 (Undisclosed yet)
Weight 50kg
Height 164cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type O

Rana Linchen from “Freezing”: A Character Analysis

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Rana Linchen, a main character in the anime and manga series “Freezing”, has a simple and honest personality with a strong sense of righteousness. She is known for her straightforward nature and sincere demeanor. Rana is determined to find her “soul mate,” whom she refers to as her Limiter. She displays a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to her chosen mate, Kazuya Aoi. Rana’s interactions with others can sometimes be challenging due to her use of unique terminology such as “Limiter”, “Stigmas”, and “Kunlun”.


Rana Linchen was enrolled as a second-year student at West Genetics. She is from Tibet, China, and her nationality reflects her cultural background. Rana’s enrollment at West Genetics serves as an opportunity for her to develop her skills as a Pandora, a warrior with superhuman abilities, in her quest to find her soul mate. Her journey to West Genetics is powered by her Tears of Kunlun (Stigmas), which react when Kazuya Aoi activates his freezing abilities.


Standing 164cm tall and weighing 50kg, Rana Linchen has a slender and graceful build. She has waist-length blue hair and captivating purple eyes. Rana’s appearance reflects her youthful energy and determination as she trains to become a skilled Pandora. She is often seen wearing the standard Pandora attire, demonstrating her dedication to her role as a warrior.


As a Pandora, Rana Linchen possesses remarkable fighting skills. She wields a set of fist and kick gears known as Shigen (空牙), which increase her physical strength and allow her to engage in intense combat. Rana’s training and determination contribute to her growth as a skilled fighter. Her Tears of Kunlun (Stigmas) play a significant role in her abilities, reacting and resonating with Kazuya Aoi’s freezing powers.


Rana Linchen hails from Tibet, China. Her cultural background and heritage influence her character development and outlook. Her enrollment at West Genetics exposes her to a variety of individuals and cultures, providing her with opportunities for personal growth and understanding. Rana’s journey from her homeland to West Genetics demonstrates her determination to find her soul mate and fulfill her destiny as a Pandora.

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Rana Linchen – FAQ

Who is Rana Linchen?

Rana Linchen is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Freezing”. She is one of the main characters and a Pandora, a genetically enhanced warrior who fights against aliens called Nova.

What are Rana Linchen’s abilities?

Rana possesses exceptional physical strength, speed, and agility, enhanced by the use of her Volt Texture, a special combat technique. She is also skilled in melee combat and wields a pair of tonfas as her primary weapons.

What is Rana Linchen’s background?

Rana is originally from Tibet and comes from a prestigious family known for producing powerful martial artists. She enters the West Genetics Academy in Japan to train as a Pandora and becomes a member of the elite Numbers Squad.

What is Rana Linchen’s personality like?

Rana is known for her happy and energetic personality. She is friendly and often displays a childlike innocence despite her formidable fighting skills. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and is willing to risk her life to protect them.

Does Rana Linchen have any significant relationships?

Rana forms a close bond with her roommate and fellow Pandora, Satellizer el Bridget. She considers Satellizer her best friend and is always there to support and defend her. Rana also forms strong friendships with other members of the Numbers Squad.

What is Rana Linchen’s role in the story?

Rana plays an important role in the Freezing series as one of the main characters. She joins other Pandoras in various battles against the Nova, using her skills and determination to protect humanity from the alien threat.