Satellizer el Bridget

Original Name サテライザー=エル=ブリジット
Romaji Name Satellizer el Bridget
Nicknames The Untouchable Queen, Satella, Stella
Series Freezing
Age 17
Weight 58 kg
Height 168 cm
Date of Birth October 1
Blood Type A


Satellizer el Bridget from “Freezing”

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Satellizer el Bridget, also known as Satella or Stella, is the main heroine of the anime and manga series “Freezing”. Despite her reputation as a ruthless and feared Pandora, Satellizer has a quiet and reserved nature. Her past experiences have shaped her into a determined and strong-willed individual. Due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her half-brother during her childhood, Satellizer developed haphephobia, a fear of being touched. This phobia plays a significant role in her interactions with others and adds complexity to her character.


Satellizer was born into the notorious el Bridget family, the daughter of Noelle Allouache and the head of the el Bridget family. Her mother was sickly, and to protect her, Satellizer endured the abuse of her half-brother, Louis. Eventually, her half-sister Violet discovered the truth and took Satellizer away for her own safety. At her mother’s deathbed, Satellizer received her final words of encouragement, urging her to grow stronger and never give up. These memories became her driving force in life, instilling in her a fierce determination.


Satellizer is an attractive young woman in her late teens. She has fair skin and back-length blonde hair, with several bangs hanging down the left side of her face. Satellizer is 168 cm tall and weighs 58 kg, and has a slender, well-proportioned figure. Her body measurements are recorded as 90/56/85 (bust, waist, hips). She is often seen in her Pandora uniform, which consists of a white and blue outfit.


As a Pandora, Satellizer has enhanced physical and combat abilities. Despite her low synchronization rate with stigmas, she was implanted with six stigmas by Kazuha Aoi before enrolling in Genetics. These stigmas, combined with her family’s influence, allowed her to become a formidable fighter. Satellizer’s fighting style is characterized by her exceptional speed and agility, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.


Satellizer’s journey begins when she enters West Genetics, transferring from East Genetics after being suspended for a year. At West Genetics, she earns the nickname “The Untouchable Queen” for her ruthless approach to opponents and her aversion to physical contact. However, her life takes a turn when she meets Kazuya, a Limiter. Unlike others, Satellizer does not go mad when Kazuya touches her. In time, she accepts him as her Limiter, forming a unique partnership that defies expectations.

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Satellizer el Bridget – FAQ

Who is Satellizer el Bridget?

Satellizer el Bridget is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Freezing”. She is a Pandora, a genetically enhanced warrior who fights against alien beings known as the Nova.

What are Satellizer’s abilities as a Pandora?

Satellizer possesses exceptional combat skills and is known for her extraordinary freezing abilities. She can manipulate molecules to freeze her opponents’ attacks or create weapons and barriers made of ice.

What is Satellizer’s personality like?

Satellizer comes across as cold and distant at first because of her traumatic past. She is often misunderstood and feared by her peers because of her extraordinary fighting abilities. However, as the series progresses, her character evolves and she becomes more compassionate and protective of her friends.

What is Satellizer’s background and history?

Satellizer comes from a dark and tragic past. She was physically and emotionally abused by her half-brother Louis, leaving her with deep emotional scars. Despite her traumatic upbringing, she managed to become one of the strongest Pandoras in her academy.

Does Satellizer have a romantic relationship?

Yes, Satellizer has a complex romantic relationship with Kazuya Aoi, another main character in Freezing. Their relationship evolves throughout the series, with moments of both conflict and affection.

How does Satellizer’s character develop throughout the series?

Satellizer’s character undergoes significant growth throughout Freezing. She learns to trust others and forms deep bonds with her fellow Pandoras. She gradually overcomes her fear of physical contact and embraces her emotions, allowing her to become a more confident and formidable warrior.