Megumi Hanajima

Original Name (Japanese): 花島 恵
Romanized Name (Romaji): Hanajima Megumi
Series: Fruits Basket
Age: Unknown (Likely a teenager)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Megumi Hanajima is the younger brother of Saki Hanajima and shares many similarities with her. He is described as highly intelligent and mature for his age, not only in behavior but also in sexual maturity. Megumi is very protective of his sister and joined her in her “predicament” so that she would not be alone in her “suffering”. He has a dark appearance and likes to wear black because he feels “calm” in that color.


Megumi is from the same family as his sister Saki and has always been there for her. When he learned of his sister’s powers, he decided to study the art of cursing so that his sister would not be the only “weird one” in the family. Megumi’s name is a bit of a joke, as the name “Megumi” means “blessing”, while Megumi herself studies how to put curses on people.

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Megumi has a light complexion and a pair of purple, droopy eyes. He has short, slightly wavy black hair. He is of average build and height and, like his sister, likes to wear black clothing.


Megumi has the ability to “curse” people, although it is never shown in the series if he has actually used this power. When the Prince Yuki Fan Club tried to weaken Tooru’s defenses by finding and using Saki’s weakness, Megumi joined his sister in scaring them away, using his “ability to guess the girls’ names” to scare them.


Megumi Hanajima is a character from the anime and manga series “Fruits Basket”. He is a supporting character who plays a role in the story as the younger brother of Saki Hanajima.

Megumi Hanajima – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Megumi Hanajima from “Fruits Basket”:

Who is Megumi Hanajima?

Megumi Hanajima is a supporting character in the anime and manga series “Fruits Basket”. She is the younger brother of Saki Hanajima and a member of Tohru Honda’s group of friends. Megumi has the ability to send out “waves” that can affect people’s emotions and behavior.

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What is the relationship between Megumi and his sister Saki?

Megumi has a very close bond with his older sister Saki. They are very protective of each other, and Megumi often helps Saki use her “denpa” (electromagnetic) waves to influence others. Megumi looks up to Saki and values her guidance.

What are Megumi’s hobbies and interests?

Megumi is interested in the occult and the supernatural. She enjoys reading tarot cards, casting spells, and learning about curses and hexes. Megumi is also good at sewing and often makes unique and stylish outfits for himself and his sister.

How does Megumi’s ability to use “Waves” work?

Like his sister Saki, Megumi has the ability to emit and manipulate electromagnetic “waves” that can affect people’s emotions and behavior. He can use these waves to intimidate, unsettle, or even control others to some degree. Megumi’s waves are less powerful than Saki’s, but he is still able to use them effectively.

What is Megumi’s role in the overall “Fruit Basket” story?

Megumi is a supporting character in Fruits Basket who helps the main protagonist Tohru Honda and her friends. He is often there to provide moral support, use his wave abilities to help the group, and offer his unique occult-influenced perspective on events. Although not a central character, Megumi plays an important role in the series.

How does Megumi’s character develop throughout the story?

Over the course of “Fruits Basket,” Megumi becomes more confident and comfortable with his wave abilities. He also becomes more invested in the well-being of Tohru and the Sohma family. While initially distant and mysterious, Megumi gradually opens up and becomes a loyal friend to the main cast.