Tooru Honda

Original Name 本田 透
Romaji Name Honda Tooru
Nicknames None
Series Fruits Basket
Age 16-17
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth May 6
Blood Type Unknown

Tooru Honda is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “Fruits Basket” created by Natsuki Takaya. She serves as the main protagonist of the series and is known for her cheerful optimism, altruistic nature, and deep empathy for others. Tooru’s character has gained considerable popularity among fans of the series.


Tooru Honda is portrayed as a kind-hearted and selfless individual. Despite facing hardship and personal loss, she maintains a positive outlook on life and strives to bring happiness to those around her. Tooru possesses a strong sense of empathy and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her unwavering optimism and ability to see the good in others make her a beacon of hope and inspiration for many of the characters in the series.


Tooru Honda is a high school student who begins the story living in a tent after the death of her mother. She is taken in by Shigure and Yuki Sohma, who offer her a place to stay in exchange for housekeeping. Tooru’s past is marked by tragedy, as she lost her father at a young age, and her mother died in a car accident shortly before the series began. Despite these hardships, Tooru remains resilient and determined to make a better future for herself.


Tooru Honda is depicted as a petite and slender girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform or casual clothes. Her appearance is characterized by a warm and gentle demeanor, which is reflected in her bright smile and expressive eyes.


Although Tooru Honda does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, she stands out for her kind and caring nature. Her ability to empathize with others allows her to form deep connections and provide emotional support to those around her. Tooru’s cooking and housekeeping skills are also highlighted throughout the series, demonstrating her dedication and competence in taking care of others.


Tooru Honda was created by Natsuki Takaya for the manga series “Fruits Basket”. The series, which ran from 1998 to 2006, gained widespread popularity and received an anime adaptation. Tooru’s character development and journey of self-discovery are central themes of the series that resonate with readers and viewers alike.

Tooru Honda – FAQ

Who is Tooru Honda?

Tooru Honda is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Fruits Basket” created by Natsuki Takaya. She is a kind-hearted and optimistic high school student who becomes involved with the mysterious Sohma family.

What is Tooru Honda’s personality like?

Tooru Honda is known for her selflessness, compassion, and unwavering positivity. Despite facing numerous hardships, she always maintains a positive outlook on life and strives to help others. Tooru is also very determined and resilient, often putting the needs of others before her own.

How does Tooru Honda come to live with the Sohma family?

After her mother’s death, Tooru Honda decides to live in a tent so as not to burden her remaining family members. She sets up her tent on the property of the Sohma family, who eventually discover her living there. Yuki and Shigure Sohma, two members of the family, invite Tooru to live with them in return for her kindness.

What is the significance of Tooru Honda’s relationship with the Sohma family?

Tooru’s relationship with the Sohma family is central to the story of Fruit Basket. She gradually learns about the family’s dark secret: certain members of the Sohma family are cursed and turn into Chinese zodiac animals when hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Through her compassionate nature, Tooru becomes a source of healing and support for the emotionally wounded members of the Sohma family.

Does Tooru Honda have a romantic relationship in Fruits Basket?

Yes, Tooru Honda develops romantic feelings for two characters in the series: Kyo Sohma, the cursed cat of the zodiac, and Yuki Sohma, the cursed rat of the zodiac. Throughout the story, her relationships with both characters evolve, leading to complex love triangles and emotional conflicts.

How does Tooru Honda influence the other characters in “Fruit Basket”?

Tooru’s presence has a profound effect on the other characters in Fruits Basket. Her unwavering kindness and acceptance help the members of the Sohma family face their emotional traumas and find the strength to heal. Tooru’s genuine friendship and love inspire them to face their fears, break free from their pasts, and learn to love themselves.