Kanade Yuzuriha

Japanese Name 杠 花奏
Romaji Name Yuzuriha Kanade
Nicknames Yuzu
Series Fukumenkei Noise
Age Varies based on the series
Weight Varies based on the series
Height Varies based on the series
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type A

Kanade Yuzuriha from “Fukumenkei Noise A closer look

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Kanade Yuzuriha, also known as Yuzu, is a main character in the anime and manga series “Fukumenkei Noise”. He is portrayed as a young composer with a complicated personality. Yuzu is deeply in love with Nino Arisugawa, the protagonist of the series, whom he met as a child and nicknamed “Alice”. Despite his love for Nino, Yuzu struggles with his own inner conflicts and emotions throughout the story.


Yuzu’s background in “Fukumenkei Noise” is intertwined with his relationship with Nino. He first meets Nino on the beach when they were children, but he suddenly disappears from her life. Years later, they reunite in high school, and Yuzu’s love for Nino resurfaces. As a composer, Yuzu plays an important role in developing the musical themes of the story and the band formed by the main characters.


Kanade Yuzuriha has a distinctive appearance in the series. He is depicted with messy, light-colored hair and expressive eyes. Yuzu’s design reflects his artistic and somewhat rebellious nature. He is often seen wearing casual and stylish clothing that complements his overall youthful and energetic vibe.


Yuzu’s main talent lies in his musical skills as a composer. He has a deep understanding of music and the power to convey emotion through his compositions. Yuzu’s compositions play a crucial role in driving the narrative and influencing the relationships between the characters, especially his relationship with Nino. His musical prowess adds depth and complexity to the story, highlighting the importance of music as a means of expression and communication.


Kanade Yuzuriha is from the anime and manga series “Fukumenkei Noise”. Created by Ryoko Fukuyama, the series explores themes of love, friendship, and the power of music. Yuzu’s character plays an important role in the overall plot, providing a counterpoint to the emotions and experiences of the other main characters. His origin lies within the narrative of “Fukumenkei Noise”, where his complex personality and relationships contribute to the development of the plot.
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Kanade Yuzuriha – FAQ

FAQ about Kanade Yuzuriha from “Fukumenkei Noise


Who is Kanade Yuzuriha?

Kanade Yuzuriha is a character from the anime and manga series “Fukumenkei Noise”. He is one of the main characters and a talented musician.

  1. What is Kanade’s role in “Fukumenkei Noise”?

    Kanade is the bassist and backing vocalist of the band “in NO hurry to shout”. He plays a crucial role in supporting the main character, Nino Arisugawa, and her musical aspirations.

  2. What is Kanade’s personality like?

    Kanade is often portrayed as quiet, mature and reserved. He is a dedicated musician who takes his craft seriously. Kanade is known for his gentle and caring nature towards his friends and bandmates.

  3. What is the relationship between Kanade and Nino?

    Kanade and Nino have a complex relationship. They were childhood friends and had a deep bond through music. However, due to certain circumstances, they were separated. Kanade’s return to Nino’s life in high school sparks emotional tension and unresolved feelings.

  4. What are Kanade’s musical skills?

    Kanade is an exceptionally talented bassist and singer. His musical skills contribute greatly to the success of “in NO hurry to shout”. He is also skilled in composing and arranging music.

  5. Is there a romantic relationship between Kanade and Nino?

    Yes, there is a romantic undertone between Kanade and Nino. Their past connection and shared love of music create a deep emotional bond. However, their relationship is complicated by other characters and circumstances in the story.

  6. What are Kanade’s hopes and goals?

    Kanade’s main wish is to create beautiful music that moves people’s hearts. He wants to achieve success as a musician and contribute to the success of “in NO hurry to shout” together with his friends.

  7. Does Kanade undergo any character development during the series?

    Yes, Kanade undergoes significant character development throughout Fukumenkei Noise. As the story progresses, his past and present struggles are explored, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of his motivations and emotions.