Original Name グリード
Romaji Name Greed
Nicknames The Ultimate Shield
Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Age (Varies in different adaptations)
Weight (Unknown)
Height (Varies in different adaptations)
Date of Birth (Unknown)
Blood Type (Unknown)

Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: The Ultimate Shield


Greed, also known as “The Ultimate Shield”, is a character from the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and manga series. As his name suggests, Greed is driven by an insatiable desire for wealth and power. He is portrayed as a greedy and avaricious individual who lives a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by loyal followers and beautiful women. Despite his selfish nature, Greed shows genuine care and concern for his subordinates, revealing a complex and multifaceted personality.


In the 2003 anime series, Greed is one of the homunculi created by Dante, the main antagonist. However, due to his rebellious nature and excessive greed, he is captured and imprisoned in Lab 5 for 130 years. Finally, an explosion breaks his seal and grants him freedom. In exchange for help in getting revenge on the other homunculi and their master, Greed helps free the Chimera imprisoned in Lab 5.
In the manga and 2009 anime series, Greed is revealed to be the third homunculus created by Father, the main antagonist. Over a century before the start of the series, Greed separates from the other homunculi and establishes his base in the Devil’s Nest in Dublith. He rescues a group of Chimeras who have been subjected to military experimentation, showing compassion and loyalty towards them.


Greed has the ability to rearrange the carbon in his body, making his skin as hard as diamond. This unique ability makes him nearly impervious to harm. He has a distinctive Ouroboros tattoo on the back of his left hand, symbolizing infinity and the eternal cycle of life. Greed’s appearance evolves over the course of the series, with his initial form having a more youthful and flamboyant look, while his later forms take on a more mature and intimidating appearance.


Greed’s carbon manipulation allows him to create an impenetrable shield, making him an incredibly formidable opponent in battle. His incredible strength and durability, combined with his regenerative abilities, make him a nearly invincible foe. In addition, Greed possesses enhanced senses and the ability to extend his carbon-hardened limbs, further enhancing his combat prowess.


The character of Greed comes from the mind of Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of the “Fullmetal Alchemist” series. Arakawa masterfully crafted Greed’s personality and backstory, exploring themes of greed, loyalty, and redemption. Greed’s complex character arc shows his transformation from a selfish and materialistic being to one who values friendship and selflessness.
Greed’s portrayal in both the 2003 anime series and the 2009 manga anime series offer different perspectives on his character, adding depth to his story and exploring the consequences of his actions. Through Greed’s journey, audiences are asked to consider the nature of desire, power, and the potential for redemption.

Greed – FAQ

What is the role of Greed in “Fullmetal Alchemist”?

Greed is a prominent character in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and manga series. He is one of the seven homunculi, a group of artificial beings created by alchemical means. Greed represents the sin of avarice and is known for his insatiable desire for material wealth and power.

How does Greed’s power work?

Greed has the ability to manipulate carbon on an atomic level, allowing him to harden his body and create impenetrable shields. He can also expand his carbon-based structure to form weapons such as spikes and blades. In addition, Greed has increased strength, speed, and durability compared to normal humans.

What are Greed’s motivations and personality traits?

Greed’s primary motivation is the pursuit of personal gain and satisfaction. He is driven by his desire for material wealth, power, and freedom. However, as the series progresses, Greed undergoes character development and develops a sense of camaraderie and loyalty towards his allies, making him more than just a one-dimensional antagonist.

Who are Greed’s allies and enemies?

At first, Greed works with the other homunculi and their leader, Father, to carry out their plans. However, as the story progresses, Greed forms alliances with the protagonists, Edward and Alphonse Elric, and fights against his former comrades. Some of his notable enemies include other homunculi, the military, and other alchemists.

Does Greed have any weaknesses?

While Greed possesses formidable powers, he does have a few weaknesses. His carbon-based body can be damaged or destroyed by extreme heat, such as intense flames or explosions. In addition, his desire for material wealth and power can sometimes cloud his judgment and make him susceptible to manipulation.

What is the significance of the Greed character in the overall story?

Greed’s character serves as a reflection of the theme of greed and its consequences. Through his development, the series explores the destructive nature of the excessive desire for wealth and power. Greed’s journey also shows the potential for redemption and the ability of individuals to change, even when driven by vices.