Musashi Miyamoto

Original Name 宮本 武蔵
Romaji Name Musashi Miyamoto
Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Musashi Miyamoto is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”. In the series, Musashi Miyamoto is portrayed as a skilled samurai with a unique personality and impressive abilities. Here is an overview of Musashi Miyamoto based on available information from and other sources.

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Musashi Miyamoto is portrayed as a calm and collected individual with a strong sense of honor and justice. He embodies the qualities of a traditional samurai, showing great respect for his opponents and a willingness to protect those in need. Despite his serious demeanor, Musashi also possesses a light-hearted and playful side, often displaying a sense of humor in various situations.


The background on Musashi Miyamoto in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” is limited. However, it is implied that he comes from a samurai lineage, which has greatly influenced his swordsmanship. Further details on his upbringing, family, and past experiences are not given in the available sources.


Musashi Miyamoto is depicted as a tall and muscular man with a strong physique. He is often seen wearing traditional samurai attire, including a kimono and hakama pants. Musashi’s appearance is characterized by his long, dark hair tied in a ponytail and his sharp, focused eyes that reflect his determination and martial prowess.


Musashi Miyamoto is known for his exceptional swordsmanship. He wields a katana with great skill and is capable of delivering swift and precise strikes. His fighting style is characterized by fluid movements and a deep understanding of swordsmanship techniques. Musashi’s skills make him a formidable opponent in battle, and he has earned a reputation as a skilled and respected samurai.


Miyamoto Musashi’s character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is not directly based on the historical figure of the same name. Instead, the character is a fictional creation within the context of the anime series. The name “Musashi Miyamoto” pays homage to the famous Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, who lived in the 17th century. However, the character’s background, personality, and abilities in the anime series are distinct and separate from the historical figure.

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Musashi Miyamoto – FAQ

Who is Musashi Miyamoto in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”?

Musashi Miyamoto is a fictional character in the anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”. He is a skilled swordsman and a member of the garrison of Briggs Fortress, located in the northern region of Amestris.

What is Musashi Miyamoto’s role in the story?

Musashi Miyamoto plays a minor role in the series. He is a loyal soldier serving under Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong and helps defend Briggs Fortress against various threats, including the homunculi and the forces of the antagonist Father.

Does Miyamoto Musashi have any special abilities or powers?

Miyamoto Musashi is best known for his exceptional swordsmanship. He wields a katana and shows great skill in battle. However, he does not possess any supernatural or alchemical abilities like the main characters of the series.

What are some memorable moments involving Miyamoto Musashi?

Although Musashi Miyamoto does not have a significant amount of screen time in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he participates in several intense battle scenes. One notable moment is his involvement in the defense of Briggs Fortress, where he demonstrates his swordsmanship skills and contributes to the victory over the enemies.

Does Miyamoto Musashi have any character development?

As a supporting character, Musashi Miyamoto does not undergo any significant character development in the series. His role is primarily to support the main characters and provide additional combat power in critical moments.

How does Miyamoto Musashi contribute to the overall plot?

While Musashi Miyamoto’s contribution to the overall storyline is relatively limited, his presence adds depth to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He represents the skilled soldiers of Briggs Fortress and highlights the diversity of characters and abilities in the series.