Japanese Name 不死 (フシ)
Romaji Name Fushi
Nicknames The Immortal
Series Fumetsu no Anata e
Age ~800 years (according to books about him)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Fushi from “Fumetsu no Anata e”: A remarkable immortal being


Fushi, also known as “The Immortal” in “Fumetsu no Anata e,” has a unique and evolving personality. Initially, as an immortal being without consciousness, Fushi lacked a distinct personality. However, as he met and imitated various people, he began to develop his own emotions and characteristics. Fushi displays a remarkable curiosity about the world and a strong desire to protect his loved ones. Despite his immortal nature, he experiences grief, joy, and a sense of responsibility toward the people he meets.


Fushi’s origin and purpose are shrouded in mystery. He was created by a being known as “The Observer” and sent to Earth with the task of preserving the world. Fushi’s existence spans hundreds of years, making him an ancient being with a long and eventful history. Throughout his journey, he encounters various individuals who leave a lasting impression on him and shape his understanding of humanity and the world.


Fushi’s appearance is extremely versatile and adaptable. His original form was a featureless white sphere. However, Fushi has the ability to transform into anything that has influenced or inspired him. He often takes on the appearance of people he has met, such as The Nameless Boy, a young boy with white hair, a pale complexion, and green eyes. Fushi’s appearance can change depending on the situation and the people he imitates, allowing him to blend into different environments.


As an immortal being, Fushi possesses extraordinary abilities. His most notable power is his “immortality,” which allows him to regenerate and survive even fatal injuries. Fushi can also mimic the forms and abilities of the things he encounters, giving him a wide range of skills and attributes. For example, he can transform into animals, objects, or even deceased people, inheriting their memories and experiences. This ability gives Fushi incredible versatility and adaptability in different situations.


Fushi’s origins lie in the enigmatic being known as “The Observer”. The exact nature and motives of The Beholder remain a mystery. It is this entity that created Fushi, endowing him with immortality and the ability to transform. Fushi’s purpose is to observe and preserve the world, acting as a guardian in times of need. As Fushi embarks on his journey, he seeks to discover the true nature of his existence and unravel the mysteries surrounding The Observer.

Fushi – FAQ

Who is Fushi in “Fumetsu no Anata e”?

Fushi is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Fumetsu no Anata e”, also known as “To Your Eternity”. He is an immortal being created by an otherworldly being known as “The Observer”.

What is Fushi’s ability?

Fushi has the unique ability to change his physical form by absorbing and mimicking the characteristics of other living beings. This includes their appearance, memories, and abilities.

How does Fushi’s immortality work?

Fushi has an immortal body that can regenerate from any injury or even complete destruction. If Fushi suffers fatal damage, he will resurrect in a nearby location, retaining the memories and experiences of his previous form.

Does Fushi have emotions?

At first, Fushi lacks emotions and a strong sense of self. However, as he encounters various individuals and forms deep bonds with them, he begins to develop emotions and a greater understanding of the human experience.

Can Fushi die?

Although Fushi is immortal and can regenerate from most injuries, he is not invincible. There are certain circumstances or powerful forces that can potentially cause permanent damage or even destroy him completely.

What is Fushi’s purpose in the story?

Fushi’s purpose evolves throughout the story as he learns about the world and the meaning of life. Initially, he is sent to Earth by The Beholder to observe and learn about humanity. As the story progresses, Fushi’s purpose becomes intertwined with protecting and preserving the people and relationships he forms.