Shoutarou Hidari

Japanese Name 左 翔太郎
Romaji Name Shoutarou Hidari
Nicknames Half-boiled Detective
Series Fuuto Tantei
Date of Birth
Blood Type


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The detective with a hard-boiled personality


Shoutarou Hidari, a central character in the Fuuto Tantei series, is a self-proclaimed “hard-boiled detective” with a unique and distinct personality. He is often referred to as “half cooked” by his friends due to his inability to completely suppress his doubts and his tendency to act on his emotions. At first, Shoutarou struggles to make difficult but necessary decisions that contradict his aspirations to be a true hard-boiled detective. However, as the series progresses, he gains recognition and respect for his growth and the valuable contributions he makes to his detective work. Shoutarou’s determination and dedication to solving the mysteries of the city of Fuuto make him a compelling and engaging character.


Shoutarou Hidari serves as the left-hand side of Kamen Rider Double, but he is also a rider in his own right, known as Kamen Rider Joker. He works as a private detective in the bustling city of Fuuto. Shoutarou’s retro fashion sense, inspired by the style of the late 1930s, sets him apart visually, as he often wears fedora hats and vests. His clothing choices reflect his affinity for the classic hard-boiled detective archetype, adding to his overall charm and appeal.


Shoutarou Hidari’s appearance embodies the classic detective aesthetic, exuding a sense of nostalgia and intrigue. He is often seen wearing a stylish three-piece suit, complete with a fedora hat that adds a touch of mystery to his overall look. Shoutarou’s fashion choices are in keeping with his desire to embody the essence of a hard-boiled detective, making him easily recognizable and visually distinct within the series.


As Kamen Rider Joker, Shoutarou possesses unique abilities and powers that aid him in his detective work. While specific details of his powers may vary depending on the source material, his rider form grants him enhanced physical attributes, combat skills, and the ability to use specialized weapons and gadgets. These abilities, combined with his keen intellect and analytical mind, make Shoutarou an exceptional investigator capable of solving complex cases.

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Shoutarou Hidari’s origins lie in the world of the “Fuuto Tantei” series. Created as a character for this detective-themed franchise, Shoutarou’s development and story revolve around his experiences as a private detective and his journey to become a true hard-boiled detective. Throughout the series, viewers and readers will witness Shoutarou’s growth, both in terms of his investigative skills and his personal development, as he navigates the mysteries and challenges of Fuuto City.

Shoutarou Hidari – FAQ

Who is Shoutarou Hidari?

Shoutarou Hidari is a fictional character from the manga and TV series “Fuuto Tantei” (also known as “Futo Detective”). He is one of the two main protagonists and is a detective working in the city of Fuuto.

What are Shoutarou Hidari’s skills?

Shoutarou Hidari is highly skilled in detective work and investigation. He has a keen eye for detail and is an expert at gathering information and solving puzzles. He also possesses exceptional physical agility and martial arts skills, making him a formidable fighter when needed.

What is Shoutarou Hidari’s role in “Fuuto Tantei”?

In Fuuto Tantei, Shoutarou Hidari serves as one of the two main protagonists alongside his partner Philip. Together they form a detective duo known as “Double” or “W”. Shoutarou takes on the role of a field investigator, using his detective skills and physical abilities to solve cases and protect the city of Fuuto.

Can you tell me about Shoutarou Hidari’s partner, Philip?

Philip is Shoutarou Hidari’s partner in “Fuuto Tantei”. He is a mysterious young man with vast knowledge and analytical skills. Philip resides in Shoutarou’s body and acts as the brains of the duo. By combining their powers, Shoutarou and Philip can transform into their superhero form, Kamen Rider Double.

What motivates Shoutarou Hidari in his detective work?

Shoutarou Hidari is driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocent. He is deeply committed to his role as a detective and feels a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the people of Fuuto. Shoutarou’s dedication to justice often leads him to put himself in danger in order to solve cases and bring criminals to justice.

Are there any notable story arcs or character developments involving Shoutarou Hidari?

Yes, throughout the “Fuuto Tantei” series, Shoutarou Hidari undergoes various character developments and is involved in several significant story arcs. These arcs often explore his past, his relationships with other characters, and the challenges he faces as a detective. Some notable storylines include the revelation of his family history, his evolving partnership with Philip, and the emergence of powerful adversaries that test his skills and beliefs.