Gabriel Tenma White

Original Name: 天真=ガヴリール=ホワイト
Romaji Name: Gaburīru Tenma Howaito
Nicknames: Gab
Series: Gabriel DropOut
Age: 16
Weight: 40 kg
Height: 144 cm
Date of Birth: April 20
Blood Type: Taurus

Gabriel Tenma White – The lazy angel of Gabriel DropOut


Gabriel Tenma White, also known as Gab, is a main character in the anime series “Gabriel DropOut”. Originally a prodigy angel from heaven and the top student at the Angel School, Gabriel’s personality undergoes a dramatic change after she becomes addicted to video games. She transforms from an angelic and hardworking student into a lazy and unmotivated slob. Gabriel is often seen lounging around, neglecting her angelic duties, and displaying a bossy attitude toward others. Her laziness and lack of motivation make her an amusing and relatable character to many viewers.


Gabriel Tenma White’s background in the series is revealed through her experiences at Angel School. As the top student, she had high expectations and was known for her angelic nature. However, everything changed when she discovered the world of video games. Gabriel became completely addicted to gaming, neglecting her responsibilities and allowing her once stellar grades to plummet. This addiction ultimately led to her becoming a fallen angel, as she lost interest in her heavenly duties and chose to live as a human on earth.


Gabriel Tenma White has a distinct appearance that reflects her angelic origins. She is portrayed as a petite and sweet girl with long, flowing blonde hair and vivid blue eyes. Standing 144 cm tall and weighing 40 kg, Gabriel has a delicate and youthful appearance. Her angelic features are accentuated by her white angel wings, which she retains even after becoming a fallen angel. Gabriel’s overall appearance exudes a sense of innocence and charm that contrasts with her lazy and unmotivated personality.


Although Gabriel Tenma White is an angel with supernatural abilities, her addiction to video games prevents her from using her powers effectively. In the series, Gabriel’s abilities are not explored in great detail, as her focus is primarily on her everyday life as a human on Earth. As an angel, however, she has the potential for flight, divine magic, and other angelic powers. Despite her diminished motivation, Gabriel’s innate abilities still hold considerable potential, though they are rarely shown in the context of the anime.


Gabriel Tenma White comes from the anime series “Gabriel DropOut”. Created by Ukami, the series follows the humorous and light-hearted story of angels sent to Earth to learn about and guide humans. Gabriel’s character arc revolves around her transformation from a hardworking and angelic student to a lazy and unmotivated fallen angel. “Gabriel DropOut” offers a comedic take on the clash between heavenly expectations and earthly temptations, with Gabriel’s character serving as a relatable representation of human vices and distractions.

Gabriel Tenma White – FAQ

Who is Gabriel Tenma White?

Gabriel Tenma White is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Gabriel DropOut”. She is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the story.

What is Gabriel’s personality like?

Gabriel is initially portrayed as an intelligent and hardworking angel in heaven. However, after becoming a high school student on Earth, she becomes lazy, unmotivated, and addicted to online games. She is often seen lazing around, neglecting her duties, and putting her own desires ahead of her responsibilities.

What are some of Gabriel’s notable characteristics?

Gabriel is known for her long, flowing blonde hair and her angelic appearance. She often wears her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, red tie, and blue skirt. She also has a pair of white angel wings on her back that she can use to fly.

What are Gabriel’s hobbies?

Gabriel’s main hobby is playing online games. She spends most of her time immersed in virtual worlds, neglecting her studies and celestial duties. She is particularly obsessed with an online game called “The Legendary Age”, where she goes by the username “Gab”.

How does Gabriel interact with the other characters in the game?

Gabriel has a group of friends made up of other angels and demons. She often clashes with the demon Vignette Tsukinose April, who tries to motivate her to be more responsible. She also forms a close friendship with the demon Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa, though their relationship is often filled with comedic misunderstandings.

Does Gabriel ever show signs of her angelic nature?

Despite her lazy and unmotivated behavior, Gabriel occasionally demonstrates her angelic powers. She can use her wings to fly and has other angelic abilities, such as healing. However, she rarely uses these powers, preferring to live a carefree life on Earth.