Original Name (Japanese): リヨウ
Romanized Name: Riyou
Nickname(s): The Ripper
Series: Gachiakuta
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Riyou is described as a skilled combat janitor in the Abyss. She carries a pair of scissors that serves as her jinki, or weapon. Riyou is known as “The Ripper” because of her skill with these scissors.


Not much is known about Riyou’s background in the available information. She appears to be a character from the manga series Gachiakuta, but details about her history and how she came to be a janitor in the Abyss are not given.

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Riyou has a distinctive red-haired appearance. Beyond that, the character profile does not provide many details about her physical features or design.


Riyou is described as a skilled Combatant Janitor, suggesting that she possesses considerable combat skills. Her weapon of choice is a pair of scissors, which she wields with great skill, earning her the nickname “The Ripper”.


Riyou originates from the manga series Gachiakuta. Beyond that, the available information does not specify the character’s exact origin or backstory.

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