Miki Naoki

Original Name (Japanese): 直樹 美紀
Romaji Name: Naoki Miki
Nicknames: Mii-kun
Series: Gakkougurashi!
Age: Unknown (Second-year high school student)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: December 10
Blood Type: Unknown


Miki Naoki is a sophomore at Megurigaoka High School. She is initially seen as cautious and reluctant, taking refuge in a shopping mall with her best friend Kei when the outbreak occurs. However, after joining the School Life Club, Miki becomes more proactive and determined, often going on missions alone to fight the infected. She initially dislikes how Kurumi and Yuuri accept Yuki’s illusions, but eventually comes to understand their reasons and warms to Yuki. Miki is loyal to her friends and willing to take risks to protect them.


Miki is best friends with Kei, and the two seek refuge in a shopping mall during the outbreak. Eventually, Kei leaves on her own, and Miki spends time alone until she hears the girls from the School Life Club and decides to join them. Miki feels guilty for leaving Kei behind and has flashbacks of her throughout the series.

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Miki has straight, short, blonde hair that falls to her neck and a slender figure. She has a youthful appearance befitting her status as a high school student.


Despite her initial reluctance, Miki becomes a capable fighter, often going on missions alone and fighting the infected. She is skilled with a weapon and shows a determination to protect her friends.


Miki Naoki is a character from the anime and manga series “Gakkougurashi!” (School-Live!). She is one of the main protagonists and plays a crucial role in the story.

Miki Naoki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Miki Naoki from “Gakkougurashi!

Who is Miki Naoki?

Miki Naoki is one of the main characters in the anime/manga series “Gakkougurashi! She is a cheerful and energetic freshman at Megurigaoka Private High School.

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What is Miki Naoki’s role in the story?

Miki is a member of the School Living Club, a group of students who remain in the school after it is overrun by a zombie apocalypse. She serves as the group’s mood maker, often trying to keep the other members’ spirits up with her positive attitude and energy.

What are Miki Naoki’s main personality traits?

Miki is described as being very outgoing, optimistic, and childlike. She often acts younger than her age and tends to be oblivious to the group’s dire situation. However, she also has a strong will to survive and protect her friends.

Does Miki Naoki have any special skills or abilities?

While Miki doesn’t have any exceptional combat skills, she is skilled at finding and preparing food for the group. She also serves as an important emotional support for the other members of the School Living Club.

How does Miki Naoki’s character develop throughout the story?

Over time, Miki becomes more aware of the harsh realities of her situation and loses some of her childlike innocence. However, she remains determined to keep the group’s morale high and continue to fight for their survival.

What is Miki Naoki’s relationship to the other characters in “Gakkougurashi!”?

Miki has a close relationship with the other members of the School Living Club, especially Yuki Takeya, whom she considers her best friend. She also looks up to the more experienced and capable members of the group, such as Kurumi Ebisuzawa and Yuuri Wakasa.